A few highlights...

• 10+ years in storytelling

• 5+ years as Founder and Creative Director of Greatest Story Creative®

• Branded 80+ businesses, advised hundreds of entrepreneurs, and spoken for thousands

• 5+ years as a professional speaker on branding, business, and empowerment

• Best-selling author of the personal development book, Permission to Try

• 5 year corporate career in brand management and story development in the Los Angeles film industry - including The Walt Disney Studios, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Lionsgate Films, and New Line Cinema

• Bachelor’s Degree in Literature, Film, and English from Duke University

• 30+ years as a Muppets fan (Are you still reading this? This is totally true.)

This isn't my dream job.

Let me explain. Growing up, I was the total arts kid (definitely not the sports kid). I loved creating things for friends and family, but most of all - I loved the movies. So after college, I followed that passion and headed straight for Hollywood. 

I worked my way up to my “dream job” - a position at Disney, writing and presenting stories for major movies. 

But getting what you think you want in life can be a funny experience. For me, it took finally reaching that incredible, "big deal" job to realize two very important things – 1) it was just a dream job, not a dream life – 2) as real people, we also have great stories to tell.

So I never imagined giving up a dream job at Disney, but I did. I’d never considered moving back to NC and starting a business, but I did.

And in October 2013, I didn’t know where to really start or what might come next.

But I did have this: a crazy idea to invent a business that helps real people like you tell your story.

This is Greatest Story Creative and it has been a risk worth taking.

In the past 5 years, I’ve been blessed to bring to life the stories of so many real people - starting a new business, booking dream first clients, reaching their biggest goals - all the moments big and small that make us who we are. 

So this isn’t my dream job. It’s far better than a dream job because it’s bigger than just me.

I’m honored that Greatest Story Creative allows me to play a part in helping you share what’s great about you with the world. And I'm grateful every day that fate had a different plan for me. The chapters we write together stick with me for a lifetime - like no other work ever has or ever could. 

Let’s celebrate your story,

Annie Franceschi

annie (at) greateststorycreative.com | 919-886-7867

My best-selling book, Permission to Try: 11 Things You Need to Hear When You're Scared to Change Your Life, is available in kindle, paperback, and audiobook via Amazon. Learn more here.