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Barrel Roll Farms is a new apple orchard and farm in Akron, Ohio owned by husband and wife, Jacob and Sarah Coulter.

The Coulters came to Greatest Story to start their new orchard business on the right foot - looking for a nostalgic name and brand that would fit their visions of hay ride, apple barrels, and fun that takes you back to your childhood.

Brand & Story Services:

  • Naming
  • Logo Design + Tagline Writing
  • Full Brand Story Guide, including logo variations, patterns, and key copywriting

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Originally, the Coulters wanted to name their orchard, "Slingshot Farms," loving the childhood nostalgia that it called to mind.

While "Slingshot Farms" felt fun initially, it does also have a bit of a violent connotation to it (after all, what do you do with a slingshot? you aim it at something or someone...).  Moreover, it didn't have much personal connection to the Coulters' story.

We took the Coulters through our strategic naming process, vetting "Slingshot Farms" as well as two other options. Via our recommendation, the Coulters ultimately named their business, Barrel Roll Farms.

Barrel Roll uses what works about "Slingshot Farms," but accomplishes much more for the Coulters for telling their story. A "barrel roll" is an airplane flight maneuver and not only is the orchard based in the birthplace of aviation (Ohio), it also plays into Jacob's personal interest in planes.

More over "barrel" has a double-meaning here - both the maneuver and a place you put fruit like apples. The overall feel is one that calls to fun and to childhood, but does so in a way that's as wholesome as apple pie - perfectly fitting the family vibe the Coulters' want their farm to set.

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"Family Grown and Family Owned" - Tagline for Barrel Roll Farms | Copywriting by Greatest Story Creative
"A Fresh Spin on an Old Favorite" Tagline for Barrel Roll Farms | Copywriting by Greatest Story Creative

Strategic Taglines

Once we had the name of the business, we developed a logo and taglines to extend the story.

The primary tagline for the business is "family grown and family owned" to call to the heart behind the business- Sarah and Jacob and their six kiddos.

The secondary tagline is used to speak more to their offerings, especially if they one day brew hard apple cider, "a fresh spin on an old favorite." 

Playful Patterns

As the Coulters are just beginning their business, we knew they'd need a brand that could grow with them and extend into marketing pieces and new products for their customers.

One of the ways we give them this flexibility is through the creation of custom patterns. Here you can see the custom seamless pattern we hand-illustrated and digitized for Barrel Roll. Something like this could become everything from a tote bag for carrying apples, to the back of a business card, to wrapping paper for gifts.

Working with Greatest Story

Client Testimonial from Jacob and Sarah Coulter