Small Business "About Me" Page Best Practices: August "Branding with Annie" Workshop Recap

"Branding with Annie" About Me Page Workshop Recap | Greatest Story Creative Blog

On the 2nd Tuesday of each month, I run a monthly workshop series in Durham, NC on branding best practices called "Branding with Annie."

As this is a local event, I often write recaps to share some of our topline activities. For those who can attend in person in the Raleigh-Durham area, you can always find more info and get on the announcement list at

"Branding with Annie" is held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 12pm at The Frontier in RTP (Research Triangle Park). Tickets are complimentary, but required for admission.

Every "Branding with Annie" includes:

  • 15-20 minutes of live education on a topic related to small business branding
  • 15 minutes of group mentoring and live strategy work on attendees' businesses
  • 15 minutes of overall Q&A on branding, the month's topic and more
  • Giveaway
  • Open Networking
Annie Franceschi leading a workshop on small business branding in Durham, NC


At August's "About Me" Page Workshop, We Learned 5 Best Practices for "About Me" Page on your website

We were joined by about 30 entrepreneurs from around the NC Triangle. I led our group through live education on best practices - this month on your ever-so-hard-to-write "About Me" page.

Here are the five things we looked at in-depth together:

  1. That your "About Me" page needs to feature a photo of you that's professional and approachable
  2. Why you need to make sure you tell your readers what to do next after reading your "About Me" page
  3. Your "About Me" page should be written in welcoming, relatable language
  4. The "About Me" page needs to communicate the reasons why you do what you do
  5. A great "About Me" page makes key connections between your experience and how you help others

We looked at Adele Michal's "About Me" page as a great example of how an "About Me" page can do good work to connect who you are to your ideal clients.

Several Entrepreneurs Received Live Group Mentoring

As I host at every "Branding with Annie" workshop, following the education portion, I opened up the floor to talk "About Me" pages with the community as a group.

Attendees of "Branding with Annie" a small business branding workshop series in Durham, NC

All attendees parted with at least 2 Action Steps and new networking connections!

Our attendees receive a complimentary worksheet to work through the entire session and capture the best practices. There's always a spot for putting down at least 2 action steps you can take following the session, so it's always practical to take action coming out of a "Branding with Annie" workshop!

We also love all the new connections being made at "Branding with Annie." Having done four workshops thus far, I've been so happy to see great networking connections and referrals happening amongst our group of business owners. I welcome to come check it out and network with this great emerging group! 

At the end of the workshop, we did a giveaway, announced next month's topic and gave everyone who attended in person an early chance to sign up!

I always give away something related to the month's topic, so in August - I gave away an "About Me" survey book AND a season pass to my brand new series, "Skip to Action TV!" 

I also always debut the next month's topic and give everyone in the room and early chance to sign up. "Branding with Annie" has sold out every month since we launched, so this is one special thing I like to do to thank our regular attendees.

Next month's topic is BRAND PHOTOGRAPHY - and it will be on Tuesday, 9/12.

Want to join us for the next monthly "Branding with Annie" workshop? Get on the announcement list below to stay updated on the next event!

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