Go Behind-the-Scenes of Our Small Business Branding Process (Video)

Go behind-the-scenes of a small business branding company in this short video | Greatest Story Creative

Why does your story matter when it comes to your business?

This is the central question that drives what I do. I know firsthand how much your story matters to your business success, as well as your personal happiness. I've used that understanding and my time in the film industry to have the ability to help a lot of small business owners start or grow their business with a story-led approach.

But explaining how it all works, why it's a different and powerful approach, and why your story is so important isn't always easy. Far from it. These have been things I've been working on and figuring out from day one. I've developed my process and approach, how I talk about it, how I speak about it as aprofessional speaker, and I've even taken that into the world of story-in-actionphotography.

Today, I'm excited to share with you the next step along that journey of how I share what we do at Greatest Story Creative for small business owners and new entrepreneurs: our 2nd behind-the-scenes short VIDEO - this time with never-before-seen footage of our process and our clients on the business side. 

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I want to give a very special thanks to Janice Smith and her Durham-based videography company, Big Dog Little Bed, our talented partners for creating all of our new films. I also want to give a huge thank you to our clients, Briana Wagner of BrianaBakes, and Harper Hornaday and Matt Lardie of School of Home for sharing their stories with me and with you through this video!