Business Card Best Practices: May "Branding with Annie" Workshop Recap

"Branding with Annie" Business Card Workshop Recap | Greatest Story Creative Blog

In mid-May, I debuted our new monthly workshop series on small business branding, "Branding with Annie."

For those who couldn't attend the 1st workshop and those who can't attend because they're outside of Raleigh-Durham, NC where I host them live- I hope you enjoy a new series of recap posts after each event. "Branding with Annie" is held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at The Frontier in RTP (Research Triangle Park).

Here's what we did at the first "Branding with Annie" on May 15, 2017.

We had 15 small business owners from around the triangle attend: everyone from marketing consultants, to professional organizers and cake bakers! 

"Branding with Annie" May Branding Workshop hosted by Annie Franceschi of Greatest Story Creative


We kicked off the workshop with brief intros from everyone in the room. It was great hearing how different everyone's businesses are and the future topics they'd like to see a workshop on! I plan on asking for feedback each time to continue honing the curriculum for the monthly series.

We Learned 6 Best Practices for Business Cards

Further detailed in this prior blog post, we went into detail about 6 ways we could improve our business cards (and why we'd want to!).

Here's the topline takeaways on great business cards for a small business:

"Branding with Annie" Business Card Workshop
  • Tip #1: Always have business cards, even if you’re unemployed or a student.
  • Tip #2: My business cards should always have my email address, first and last name, website or online presence link, and my phone number.
  • Tip #3: Written, visually, and ideally both – my business cards should represent what I do or what I sell.
  • Tip #4: My business cards should fit the tone and personality of my business.
  • Tip #5: An easy way to update my cards would be to upgrade the paper quality.
  • Tip #6: The best business cards are unique and memorable. One way to do this is through different formats that are unusual in your industry.

In this educational presentation, we looked at brand-new, never-before-shared case studies and examples from Greatest Story Creative clients, including Mary Ann Sibley's Matterspark business cards which are printed matchbooks!

Two Small Business Owners Received Live Group Coaching

We were so grateful to have Sheon Wilson of Sheon the Stylist and Mary Macdonald, a financial planner, in attendance who let us as a group review their business cards, using the best practices we learned as a group.

We identified key action steps both Sheon and Mary could take to make their business cards even more effective for their very different businesses.

Here's video behind-the-scenes of some of this live strategy work.

Everyone Networked and Left With 2+ Action Steps for their Business

After we'd learned together and helped each other - everyone traded business cards to connect after the session! Even better, every attendee left having identified at least two practical action steps they could take to improve their business cards.

We Announced the Next Month's Date and Topic, Then 100% of Attendees Signed Up to Return in June!

I'm giving in-person attendees the early bird first opportunity to sign-up for the next month's workshop and every single person signed up to come back. I was thrilled since May was our very first workshop in this series!


Want to join us for the next monthly "Branding with Annie" workshop? Get on the announcement list below to stay updated on the next event!