Small Business Naming Best Practices: June "Branding with Annie" Workshop Recap

"Branding with Annie" Naming Workshop Recap | Greatest Story Creative Blog

Every month, I host a local workshop series on branding best practices called "Branding with Annie."

For those who couldn't attend the 1st workshop and those who can't attend because they're outside of Raleigh-Durham, NC where I host them live- I hope you enjoy this recap of June's event.

"Branding with Annie" is held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at The Frontier in RTP (Research Triangle Park).

Here's how June 2017's "Branding with Annie" went.

We had 18 small business owners from around the Raleigh-Durham area attend, including many past attendees from May's workshop!

Introductions and People Brought Friends

These opportunities are quickly becoming a community of sorts and a great opportunity for networking. We begin each meetup with a round robin of introductions and guests giving suggestions for future workshop topics. We had a number of returning folks bring a buddy with them, too!


We Learned 5 Best Practices for Naming and Renaming Small Businesses

We covered several of these aspects and tips on naming for small businesses:

  • Names should pass "The Easy Test"
  • If you're debating between using a business name or a personal name for your business, consider things like whether you'll ever want to add employees or sell the business 
  • You should name elements (like services) within your business to help customers and clients better remember them
  • A great way to get started with creating names is to brainstorm words that reflect the experience you provide clients and the benefits they receive

Here's a video all about the easy test:


Several Small Business Owners Received Live Group Coaching

As we do at every "Branding with Annie," following education, we opened up the floor to questions and opportunities for live group coaching.

Several entrepreneurs volunteered their challenges with naming their businesses and I helped guide a conversation around strategy and steps they could take following the workshop.

"Branding with Annie" Branding Workshop in Raleigh-Durham - June 2017 Recap by Annie Franceschi of Greatest Story Creative
Live Group Coaching at "branding with Annie" - Raleigh-Durham Workshop for Business Owners - Recap by Annie Franceschi of Greatest Story Creative

Everyone Networked and Left With 2+ Action Steps for their Business

A key element of any workshop is having some go-to things to do after and "Branding with Annie" in June was no exception. Attendees left with a handout and at least two things written down to improve within their business.

We Announced the Next Month's Date and Topic, Then A Huge Majority of Attendees Signed Up to Return in June!

I'm giving in-person attendees the early bird first opportunity to sign-up for the next month's workshop and nearly single person signed up to come back. Seems like we're going to continue to be a sold out event with an emerging and energetic community of returning entrepreneurs behind it!

Want to join us for the next monthly "Branding with Annie" workshop? Get on the announcement list below to stay updated on the next event!

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