Brand Reveal: H & Arrow Fitness Website and Story

Greatest Story for Business Reveal: Pop-up Fitness Brand, H & Arrow Fitness | Raleigh-Durham

Finding Direction in Life is Never Easy

Finding direction can be such a personal journey - whether you're looking for career guidance, thinking of starting a business, or that biggie we all think about after New Year's: fitness. Our paths for all these things are different, but they tend to have one thing in common: they never go in a straight line.

With this in mind, today, I'm excited to share Hannah Fleishman's story with you. It's exactly about how finding direction can change your life and the lives of others.


Changing Direction

Hannah and I partnered together this year to turn her story into her own fitness business. Everything started with a conversation over lunch.

While working as a fitness instructor, Hannah told me about her big dream of owning a fitness studio. She felt stuck on making that happen. Starting a studio would mean a lot of financial risk (loans) as well as a lot of commitment to living in one particular place. As a young professional, both of these considerations were daunting - even defeating.

I listened to Hannah's dream. Then I asked her - "What do you love about fitness and what you currently do?" Hannah answered, "I get to help people live happier, healthier lives."

I saw that Hannah could do this another way - one that worked around her concerns. I saw what was tough for Hannah to see (because she was so close to it). I saw that she could do exactly what she loved but without four walls, a major studio mortgage, and an anchor to any one particular address.

My idea: create a service-based fitness business where Hannah could teach fitness classes in shifting locations, guide people on healthier lives through one-on-one consulting, and do these things anywhere - any time - starting right now.

I could see that her path - her best next direction - may be different than she envisioned, but I also knew that it might even be better.

All Hannah needed was a name, a website, and the words and graphics to tell that story - her story - so that's exactly what we created for her.

Turning Who You Are Into a Business

To create a job and business from her passion and the lifestyle she wanted, I took Hannah through the Greatest Story process for small business development.

Here's a bit of what we covered in that process, from start to finish:

  • Naming Research & Recommendations
  • Logo and Tagline Development
  • Brand Story Guide Development (the writing and creation of visuals like logo variations and fonts, to help tell the story in every medium)
  • Business Cards
  • Photoshoot Production
  • Newsletter Development
  • Website Creation
  • Business Mentoring Sessions (one-on-one marketing and business strategy sessions to get her business off the ground)

As it does with all of our clients, the process began and was rooted in a questionnaire designed to better understand Hannah's story.

The questionnaire was truly foundational. It was Hannah's way to share every important aspect of her strengths, her challenges, her vision for the business and for herself - it was her way to share her story with me.

Without a doubt, the questionnaire is the piece of our project that led to the name and the business that now fully embodies Hannah in her own business. Here's a look at just a bit of what this allowed us to create...

Building In The Story

So much of Hannah's story made it into her brand - everything from that lunch conversation, to her initials, to - believe it or not - a tattoo of an arrow that Hannah has on her left wrist.

I could tell you the story that fuels H & Arrow Fitness, but here it is from Hannah, shared in the words we created with her as a part of her Brand Story Guide, alongside the logo we designed:

The Story Behind the Brand of H & Arrow Fitness | Greatest Story for Business Blog

Hi, I'm Hannah. The owner and founder of H & Arrow.

I’ve always loved arrows and the meanings they symbolize. However, I don’t only admire them because they signify a direction.

The thing about arrows is that in order to launch them, you need to pull them back first. You have to pull an arrow backwards in order to thrust it forward, towards a target.

I’ve come to see life and fitness this same way. Sometimes, we need to take a step back to propel ourselves faster, further, stronger towards our goals.

H & Arrow embodies this spirit. 

It’s about figuring out what's your arrow - what's your direction - when it comes to fitness.

The “&” in our name comes from doing it together – launching you ahead with our support and the support of your friends and family.


I've spent the last seven years teaching fitness.


As part of this, I've served as the lead instructor for Durham and Chapel Hill, NC's Pure Barre studios. In early 2016, I founded H & Arrow to be a resource of fun and flexibility just for you. 

Anchored by my education at UNC-Chapel Hill and master’s in Sport Administration, I'm only getting started on creating ways to help you make your fitness happen.

I love what I do because it’s about helping you discover your own potential.


How far can you go if you aim for a happier, healthier life?
If you’re feeling pulled back, we’ll help you launch yourself forward.


Bringing It All Together - In One Direction

Inspired by what you've just read, H & Arrow's tagline is "Let's find your fitness."

H & Arrow's tagline "Let's find your fitness" | Brand by Greatest Story Creative, Photography by Faith Teasley Photography

Helping people find their direction when it comes to leading a happier, healthier life is exactly what Hannah now does by hosting fitness classes and providing one-on-one personal fitness support to clients.

We built all of this into Hannah's words and graphics - from her logo, to specific class logos for her classes, even to a custom pattern she may use someday for her own line of fitness clothes. Everything came to life in a tool we create called the Brand Story Guide.

Brand Guide by Greatest Story Creative for H & Arrow Fitness | Photography by Faith Teasley Photography


Once we had these elements in place, we produced a special story-in-action photoshoot with Faith Teasley Photography (more on that next week).

After we helped Hannah develop the name, the words, the graphics, and the photo library, we then built Hannah's website - Her site serves as the number one way she shares her story and the promise of her business with prospective clients.

H & Arrow's Website by Greatest Story Creative | Photography by Faith Teasley Photography

Check out the website live now at 

There you'll find more details if you're curious about what Hannah offers. You can also find her on Facebook and Instagram (@handarrowfit). 

Having these business assets - a professional and relatable look and feel - has propelled Hannah's young business even in its first few months. Through our mentoring relationship and her powerful hard work, Hannah has built a dynamic personal fitness client roster, taught H & Arrow classes all over the triangle - including for major brands like Lululemon - and is even serving an instructor for special semester-long programs at local universities.

Hannah's logo, her website, and these other assets - they aren't just pretty or clever things to have or throw on a business card. 

They are tools of empowerment to help her tell her story. They are ways for Hannah to effectively share her mission and her passion for helping others live happier, healthier lives. Her business does what all great small businesses do: invite us in and make us feel that they can solve our problems and change our lives for the better.

Your Next Steps and Direction

I hope you enjoyed this behind-the-scenes look at one of our latest projects, H & Arrow Fitness

While it's fun to share new work, I wrote this week's story to add some value and encourage you - as I try to do with anything I write for you. 

I share Hannah's story with you, particularly about her feeling stuck on the road to take in her career, in an effort to show you that more can be possible.

You can absolutely turn what you love to do and what you're great at into a job, as long as you find a way to deliver value to people who need what you can do.

While I help small business owners do that through various ways (more info here), I share this all with you today primarily to say that sometimes, like Hannah's arrow, we do have to go in a new, unexpected direction when it comes to what we do with our lives.

So don't let your compass get stuck. Keep moving. Don't shy away from new directions, and I know you'll find your way.


PS - I hosted our first Greatest Story for Business Facebook Live. We talked about time management, a new book recommendation and more - watch the replay here or by clicking below.