Forget Skype, Video is What Your Small Business Needs

Zoom Video Conferencing Review by Annie Franceschi - Greatest Story Creative

Genius Business Tools I Use Daily: A New Series

Welcome to the new “look” for the Skip to Action newsletter!

To kick things off, I’m starting a five post series on the brilliant business tools I can’t live without. These are almost all tools I discovered when I took all of December off to do intense business development (aka “Batch December” - learn more here).

The first of the 5 is Zoom ( - a video conference app for meetings and other uses. Whether or not you’ve heard of Zoom yet, let me share with you all the different ways I use it, why I’ll NEVER go back to Skype, and how this app really powers my business.

Zoom Freezes The Competition… While The Competition Just Flat Out Freezes.

Last summer, before I used Zoom, I tried out so many different video apps including:

Every single one of these was unreliable. Video calls would cut out or not even connect. Not to mention, some of them (like and Skype) lacked the ability to record a conversation.

I thought there was no other option until… ZOOM.

Here’s why Zoom rocked my world compared to these platforms.

  • Zoom is (in my experience) 10x more reliable than any of those video conferencing platforms. That’s not to say that Zoom is 100% perfect. I’ve had a few clients who have tech issues using it and I’ve had the internet slow things down / become unstable here and there - however - I’d say it works 8 times out of 10. With the others, I’d say I’d be lucky to get 4 out of 10!
  • Zoom allows you to record your meetings as both audio and video and saves them to cloud storage.
  • Zoom has a free level that’s very robust. The free level allows unlimited meetings up to 40 minutes in length. Currently, I’m on the paid level one up so I can take advantage of syncing Zoom with other business apps I use (more to come on that).

Way More Than Video Chat, Zoom Helps Me With Multiple Facets of My Business


  • Do live video chat presentations of proposals
  • Provice clients a simple link to access the meeting automatically via my scheduling software
  • Have multiple clients / participants on the call
  • Share my screen with clients
  • Allows my client to share their screen with me
  • Record the meeting / mentoring session / client interview, etc.
  • Record myself presenting a new draft and adding context - allowing me to add a video walkthrough to an email sending a new presentation to a client


  • Record quick tutorials of sharing my screen for my virtual assistant, so I can walk her step-by-step to train her on a task
  • Record presentations for webinar like trainings (or like this one that I recorded for the end of “Batch December”)

Zoom makes my life easier by making it easier for me to communicate with my team, my clients, and even with you via special presentations. It’s definitely something I use daily in my business and it’s worth every penny I’ve invested in the Pro level.

And Here’s What I Use When Zoom Backfires

As I mentioned, Zoom isn’t perfect - not sure any internet app will ever be 100% reliable, especially video conferencing.

When Zoom doesn’t work, I use SCREENLEAP and a phone call. Screenleap is a free app that you can use to share your screen with up to 8 viewers for up to 60 minutes per day. As a back-up option, I call my client and then send them the screenleap link so they can see what I’m presenting to them.

Turning to Next Week

I’ll be back next week with a spotlight on another business tool I count on constantly.

What are your favorite business apps? Let me know with a comment. Maybe they’ll be featured as one of the remaining four tools in this series.

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