Our 2013 Holiday Cards

Today, I'm thrilled to share my latest design project - our 2013 Christmas and Hannukah Cards! 2013's been a remarkable year and with so much life happening everyday, it is probably a miracle we got these done.

I'm so happy with the result. I'm mostly just happy to share this card online and in print with you - our amazing family and friends - during the holiday season. Through this, we're able to say thank you and that we love you, after a year where we've needed everyone's love and support more than ever. 

We wanted to do a "year in review card" but something that was fun, would make people smile, and give me an opportunity to practice hand-lettering styles. And if you're wondering, it's probably no coincidence that these have the quirky feel of the cups at Chipotle... one of our weekly standbys.

The back is essentially solid red, giving us an opportunity to use white pens and write custom messages to each person that we sent a physical copy to. It was really fun to personalize each one.

It may be hard to imagine but this card actually began as a most ridiculous photo shoot in my aunt's dining room and involved all kinds of scanning, printing, and magic to get to the final design. Yes, I totally said magic.

To explain what I mean, I've decided to share a behind-the-scenes look at how we created it next week on anniemade, with instructions on how you can DIY your own similar look.

Til then, here's the whole suite with hand-lettered envelopes along my holiday wishes to you and your loved ones!