Chrissy and Pearce - Custom Travel Guestbook

Chrissy and Pearce are one of my favorite couples in the known universe. Partially because I've known them both for the better part of a decade, but also because their combined awesomeness as a couple has inspired my husband and me to live bigger, and better adventures. 

They constantly surprise me with their willingness to travel to destinations far outside their comfort zone- whether studying abroad in Glasgow, Scotland in college or quitting their careers in DC to spend 5 months in a Samaritan's Purse internship in Uganda, Africa just last year.

Image courtesy Craig Carpenter/formerly Luster Studios.

Chrissy and Pearce got married at their home away from home, Duke University, in October of 2011. Their wedding was about family, friends, and the unique adventure they were living and were dreaming of having in their married life together.

For them, I designed a custom guestbook built upon the story of all the cities (nearly 30 at the time, over 50 now) they had journeyed to together.

Image courtesy Craig Carpenter/formerly Luster Studios.

The "guestbook" is actually four individual travel journals with blank pages inside. These journals were customized with different writing prompts, inviting guests to answer adventurous questions related to Chrissy and Pearce or their experience at the wedding. This way, guests could choose their favorite question to answer.

Image courtesy Craig Carpenter/formerly Luster Studios.

The questions, each affixed to a journals in a rustic paper label with kraft photo corners, include:

  • What should we name our future kids?
  • What's your advice for a happy marriage?
  • What adventures should we go on in our life together?
  • What has been your favorite thing about today?

A few words from Chrissy...

Image courtesy Craig Carpenter/formerly Luster Studios.

"We loved our guestbook and felt it was the perfect way to involve guests in not only sharing our story but also suggesting what the  next chapters of our story would hold.  

Now, just over two years since our wedding day, we love looking back at our guestbooks.  Whenever we flip through them and see the funny and kind comments that people left for us, it reminds us of how many friends and family we have supporting us in our marriage.  

It's also cool to see some of the adventures that people suggested we take and how we have already taken their advice in some instances!"

Chrissy and Pearce's wedding was full of touches that celebrated their story. I'm so honored to have contributed a part of their celebration. As an additional last minute project, I also threw together some photo masks to surprise the new couple with during the enter the reception dance.

Using wood sticks, glue, and some images I pulled off of Facebook the day of the wedding, I made ridiculous face masks of Chrissy and Pearce for each the bridesmaids and groomsmen to hold up as they entered the reception. It just goes to show you what you can create with popsicle sticks and pages printed in a Hotel Business Center. 

I also managed to make one mask with a special Duke University-themed cameo...

Image courtesy Craig Carpenter/formerly Luster Studios.

... and the crowd went wild.


All images featured in this post were taken by Craig Carpenter, former photographer behind Luster Studios, and entrepreneur/small business coach and blogger through Modernpreneur. Check him out on Facebook. 

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