Katie and Will: Part 1 - Traditional Blue Invitation Suite with Batman & other hidden details

This week I'm sharing the awesomeness that was Katie and Will: The Wedding! Today, I'll introduce you to their seemingly traditional and secretly awesome invitation suite. In Part 2 on Thursday, I'll present the reception details that brought it all together.

So it all starts with the story - and Katie and Will have a great story. Katie met Will in LA just weeks after moving across the country from DC (in fact, she had just moved in with me as my roommate!). It was pretty clear to Gus and me from the get-go that their abundant shared interests including legos, board games, film, comics, and TV would lead Katie and Will to spending the rest of their lives being awesome together.

And so when Katie and Will did get, I was honored when they asked me to create wedding invitations and details that celebrated who they are and their love story (so far).

We wanted to have the invitation suite feel elegant and sophisticated so family young and old would enjoy it. But to make it really them, I knew Katie and Will's penchant for hidden elements and trivia in their favorite shows and movies. So,  I created pieces that subtly referenced many pieces of who they are into a design that, upon first glance, looks like a traditional wedding invitation suite... until you look closer.

If you look at the blue letters in Katie and Will, you can see nine subtle references within each letter to the things that truly make Katie and Will and their relationship special.

Beginning with "Katie," you can find Wonder Woman, penguins, magic (cards), dominos, and Alfred Hitchcock. Looking at "Will," W contains both Batman and Robin, then legos, then board games, and lastly film strips to represent movies.

We continued this concept into the RSVP card which contains references to different locations that have meaning for Katie and Will, like the Hollywood sign and the Magic Castle in Los Angeles. 

My favorite part of the invitation suite was the interactive element we included in the reply cards that allowed guests to quite literally become a part of Katie and Will's "story."

Unbeknownst to most guests, there were actually four different backs to the RSVP cards, each with a special comic book-style prompt such as "Meanwhile, after RSVP'ing to Katie and Will's Wedding." Guests were invited to draw their own comics on the blank panel and many did.

In Part 2 this Thursday, I'll show you what we did with all those great guest comic replies, reveal our family's reply, and all the details from the reception - the programs, the favors, and more!

Til then, have fun putting some hidden awesome in your life.

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Traditional Blue Invitation Suite with Batman and Other Hidden Details | Designed by Greatest Story Weddings
Photography by Annie Franceschi

This post originated from the blog of Greatest Story Creative (www.greateststorycreative.com/blog).