Listen First Project - (A)political Yard Signs for the November 2014 Election

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Count this as one thing I never thought I'd be creating or designing: Political Yard Signage! I'm not very political myself but I am the VP of Brand for the Listen First Project, a non-profit organization devoted to encouraging people across all platforms, parties, and walks of life to listen to one another. I created the brand for Listen First Project (LFP), designed the logo, and worked with my husband on our latest LFP video

Pearce Godwin of Listen First Project

LFP's President and Founder, Pearce Godwin, has recently kicked off the "Listen First, Vote Second" campaign nationwide in advance of our November 2014 elections across the country. In support of this campaign, I had the opportunity to design these (a)political yard signs that, if successful, may remind everyone headed to the polls this November to thoughtfully consider their vote and people on every side of an issue. 

The signs are up in North Carolina and Virginia now and Pearce's campaign message is starting to be printed in papers across the country, beginning with Raleigh's own News & Observer.

It's fun driving around town and seeing these as we pass intersections. In the clutter of all the negative attack ads, especially in North Carolina, it's been nice to be a part of something positive, collaborative, and geared towards something hopeful in an election season!


To learn more about the Listen First Project and the "Listen First, Vote Second" campagin, go to For further details on the brand itself and our work with Listen First Project, visit here.