Our Guiding Mission & Greatest Story Creative turns one!

It's hard to believe that as of late October, Greatest Story is officially a one year-old business! Like most one year-olds, I've got a lot to learn and a lot I want to explore. 

To that end, I recently supported the Making Things Happen Conference as a volunteer on the "Encouragement Crew." I attended this conference back in March 2013 and much of the reflection became integral to creating Greatest Story. Being a part of this special goal-setting and personal growth conference this year helped me take a step back to look at Greatest Story and my work through refreshed eyes.

Me (second from right) with the MTH Encouragement Crew | Photo by Emily March Payne

Me (second from right) with the MTH Encouragement Crew | Photo by Emily March Payne

One of the insights that came to me is that I want to share more of my WHY behind Greatest Story with you on this blog and across my social media (Facebook, Instagram greateststorycreative, and Twitter @greatest_story).  Sharing my WHY here is about showing you the heart of what I do and why I do it. You've seen a lot of recent work on the blog so far, but there's more to a business and the work I do than that. 

So here, in a nutshell, is what it's all about for me. This is what drives me and what I'm most passionate about: the guiding mission behind Greatest Story.

It's really just that. Whether it's developing a brand for your business that feels authentic or designing wedding invitations and reception details, for me, it's all about helping you celebrate exactly who you are. And when I say celebrate, I mean a celebration that's joyous, amazing, and above all, has a meaningful purpose.

In keeping with this mission, my goal for year 2 of Greatest Story to be more vulnerable, to live deep, and simply do a better job telling and celebrating my own story of this business and its core. So you're going to see and hear more about that too, in addition to some incredibly thoughtful weddings, creative business brands, and more.

In addition to continuing to showcase wonderful stories and client work, I'll also be sharing a new series on the blog and sometimes on Instagram (at greateststorycreative): Great Life Storytellers introducing you to people who I think did or are doing an amazing job of celebrating their own "greatest story." It's my hope that you encounter these posts and are inspired to think of examples of people from your own life, or that you start to consider what you can do to live a better story (to borrow a phrase from Donald Miller). The first post on Great Life Storytellers will be a week from today (Tuesday 11/25), just in time for Thanksgiving. 

And for now, if you want a jumpstart on knowing more about me and my story, check out my personal blog anniemade. Beginning in November 2012, you'll find many zany adventures, delicious recipes, and some of the journey that went into creating Greatest Story.