Greatest Story's 2014 Christmas Cards - Seasonal Stories for Maximum Holiday Cheer

Just in time for Christmas this Thursday, I’m happy to share the first ever official Greatest Story Christmas Cards!

I designed these cards to feature some of my favorite Christmas and Holiday movies. Though I am Jewish, ever since I was little Christmas has held a sweet place in my heart and I’ve always gotten into the magic about it – particularly the stories. Particularly classics like Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.

I figured it was only fitting to design and write a card that celebrates what I personally believe to be some of the best holiday movies and TV specials ever made.

It was a wonderful exercise making up my list, checking it twice, and laying them out on this 9.25 x 4” digitally printed on premium savoy cotton paper. I wrote a personal note on each card, sealed it in a kraft envelope, stamped it with the Greatest Story seal, and finished each off with hand-lettered addressing.

Though I did some Christmas illustrations on a few of the envelopes, I also took this as an opportunity to tailor envelopes to each lovely person I was mailing one too. If you follow me on Instagram (@greateststorycreative), you may have spotted some of these.

This year has been nothing short of amazing, personally, professionally, and just about everywhere in-between.  Our family digital e-card for the Holidays turned out great, and I love how these came together for the business.

To you, I’ll say thanks for stopping by and for your support – you’ve truly been one of my favorite stories this year.

Wishing you and your family a fantastic Christmas and Happy New Year!

Greatest Story's 2014 Christmas Cards | Designed by Greatest Story Everyday
Photography by Annie Franceschi

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