Regan and Shawn - A Rustic Window Ceremony Program

Image courtesy Dana Dillehunt.

Image courtesy Dana Dillehunt.

Regan and Shawn have an awesome story. From the clear other side of the country, Regan was working at an ad agency in Los Angeles. Brought to North Carolina by a client (and maybe fate), she met Shawn, a Southern young man living in the country and fell hard. Within months, life was suddenly about moving to North Carolina and building a new life with Shawn. 

They became husband and wife in Chapel Hill this summer during a gorgeous, rustic outdoor wedding on a farm. It was the perfect tone for an event centered on their story of falling in love with North Carolina and a southern boy. And despite some rain showers, the clouds parted long enough to have a beautiful ceremony to begin their marriage.

For Regan and Shawn, I designed ceremony programs that captured their quirky style and youthful spirit, while celebrating all the people that had helped make their journey to the aisle and to each other possible. From that inspiration, I created this kraft statement program with striking black text and window frame elements.

The programs reflected the laid back nature and homey-feeling of their ceremony and wedding overall. Somewhat like how Regan first came to NC not expecting to meet Shawn, they invited their guests into an easy, relaxing wedding that through the rain, blossomed into a truly wonderful occasion.

Image courtesy Dana Dillehunt.

Image courtesy Dana Dillehunt.

A few words from Regan about the process...

"I needed a program for my wedding in a rush, I hadn't even thought about it or really even knew what I wanted. I sent Annie a few pictures that best summed up the theme of my wedding and she took over from there.

I sent her the main details and within a day or two she sent me back the most perfect program I could ever have imagined. It went so well with my country rustic theme and it was super original. I don't know what I would have done without her."

Regan's very sweet and not unlike so many brides these days - searching for something special for their wedding and running out of time to make great things happen. One of the things I love to do as a wedding designer is act as a caring translator. Everyone knows their own love story well, but it's so easy to get stuck on how to take that story and make it come to life visually, in a way that makes you feel something special.

I love taking someone's love story and, even at the last minute, finding a quick and affordable way to turn it into something creative, unique, and perfect for one of the biggest days in their lives - a wedding day and the start of a very important new chapter.

So many congratulations to Regan and Shawn on their wedding and still being newlyweds! Thanks also to Dana Dillehunt for sharing her beautiful wedding photography in this post.


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