The Stamp Giveaway Design - The Penrose Family

A few weeks ago, I was so excited to host the first custom Greatest Story giveaway for a free return address stamp!

The lovely winner, Amanda Penrose, received a custom address stamp designed to celebrate her and her family's unique story.

Here's a brief bit of what Amanda shared with me: she and her husband have a young son and the family loves to travel, even just around their current state of NC. In addition to her day job, Amanda loves photography and has her own photography business on the side. She also shares a love of music with her husband who actually has his own band. 

Inspired by these elements, I created this stamp design just for their family.


Designed to look and feel like a riff on a passport stamp, this stamp can go on letters and notecards with any ink of Amanda's choice. It's a great way to honor some of the creative elements of the Penroses' lives as they send mail to friends and family talking about their adventures at home and away.

This giveaway and creating this stamp for Amanda was a total blast. I appreciate everyone who took the time to enter and look forward to hosting another soon.

If you could have anything from Greatest Story, what would you like me to give away? I'd love your ideas! Please leave them for me in a comment here or on Facebook.


Through Greatest Story, I create custom return address stamps and all kinds of traditional (and outside the box) personal stationery. Please contact me if you need a little personal branding in the form of notecards, thank you notes, or snazzy personal contact cards.