Custom Inspirational Art Canvas - For Olya

Back in February, I was contacted by a friend to create a custom art canvas for a very special Valentine's Day present, something special for her daughter, Olya.

The inspiration for the art was simply to celebrate her daughter and to gift her with a very visual reminder of how special a person she is. Olya's in middle school now and as we all may remember, this can be a time of struggling with identity (who am I?) and what do others think of me. Hey, that kind of sounds like now, so maybe it's a lifetime thing that really kicks off in middle school.

Anyway, I worked with Olya's mom, Amanda, to write and design this piece of art for her room to be that daily reminder to Olya to embrace her inner awesomeness. 

I think this turned out to be such an amazing gift.

Not only great as a final product, but the lovely story behind it and its intention. I hope that this canvas will be one, even if small, way for Olya to remember to celebrate life - even when it's not so easy to see the great things.


Through Greatest Story, I write, design, and even sometimes paint custom gifts. Pictured in this post, some bespoke gifts can be created as unique gallery-wrapped canvases in various sizes. If you have an upcoming event (a wedding, a baby shower, a bat mitzvah) and would like to give a unique gift but don't know where to start, feel free to contact me. I love brainstorming and creating gifts & art inspired by the stories of the awesome people in your life.