Custom Hand-Lettered Picture Frame - A Gift for Howard

I have a good friend named Howard that I've known for over a decade now. We met at film camp in NC as teenagers and then he went on to become friends with Gus many moons later post-college when they lived closeby in LA.

Somehow, we've never had a picture together (unless you count one or two blurry iPhotos) so Howard was sweet enough to ask me to create some kind of photography keepsake to commemorate our friendship. The only requirement was to use a photo of the three of us with a frame.

So, I took the opportunity to celebrate our stories and some of the big adventures we've had together with a little paint pen and some ingenuity.

Throughout the frame, you can see some of the locations we've journeyed to together. You might even spy a playbill for Book of Mormon (which oh my goodness, lives up to the hype somehow) and Appa, the awesome sky bison from one of our collective favorite TV shows, Avatar: The Last Airbender.

To give you the scoop on the behind the scenes, I did a rough layout on the computer first, then taped it beneath the glass of a picture frame to draw directly on the glass with a black paint pen. If I thought the glass would be handled often, I would have done the design backwards so the glass could be protected on the inside of the frame.

I love how this turned out and have been thinking of making one for our place. Thanks for the challenge, Howard. Hope you enjoy having our faces framed in silliness for all to see!


With Greatest Story, I enjoy creating custom gifts and art for friends and family. If you have an upcoming event or occasion (or just want to do something special for someone you care about), feel free to contact me about creating something totally fun, unique, and personal to you and your loved one.