Jujube Restaurant - Website Design Project

Coming back to North Carolina, it's been a real pleasure to meet other amazing small business owners here in the Triangle. Two such individuals are Chef Charlie Deal and Julian Benfey- owners of Jujube restaurant in Chapel Hill. I'm currently working with them on a few projects, one of which is taking their delicious Asian fusion gem of a restaurant and bringing it to new life online.

The previous site for Jujube had been a practical WordPress blog. It was basic and simple, providing your standard and necessary fare for prospective restaurant guests, such as menus and hours.

To go from this to the new site, my process started where it always does - what's the story? Charlie, Julian, and I sat down to talk about their vision, their love of food, and where it all really comes from - the flavors, the business, the heart of it all.

One of the things that was clear from this initial conversation is how special Jujube is - not only because of the food, the drinks, or the space, but from the stories of the people who work day in and day out to make it happen. It always, always, comes down to that kind of story.

So from there, from the seeds of why and what really matters about Jujube, I took the existing site and broke it down to build back something stronger - something that felt like the incredible and yummy delicious event that is eating at this restaurant. This work involved everything from writing blog posts, to designing around beautiful new food photography, to creating copy that shares both Charlie's and Julian's stories for the about page.

We switched web platforms, made it mobile-friendly, changed the approach, and embraced the elements of Jujube that make it truly special.

And so today, I'm pleased to share with you the end result of that Greatest Story Creative process: Jujube's new site -

Click the image or link to visit the full site on your desktop or mobile phone.

The site and colors now feel vibrant and fresh - just like the food at Jujube. And really, who could help but feel hungry watching that slider of yummy dance across your screen? And it's still practical - we even added a listing for the fantastic special diets menu that Jujube offers (gluten-free, garlic-free, dairy-free, etc.) that wasn't shared online before.

I'm so thrilled with where Jujube is going now thanks to a refreshed online presence and I'm looking forward to sharing more, exciting branding projects with you in the future - some may be just as delicious.

Til then if you're nearby to the Chapel Hill area, stop by Jujube for a delicious lunch or dinner. It's not just dining, it's a memorable dining experience.


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