Custom Gift - Guest Room Photo Guestbook

The perfect gift is often so hard to figure out. Gus and I were in such a place when we wanted to give our dear friends, Chrissy & Pearce Godwin, a special gift to thank them for sharing their home with us in Chapel Hill. In countless ways, they made the journey of changing our lives here in NC so much more possible through their generosity, hospitality, and of course, friendship, in all the months we lived with them. 

Upon moving to our new apartment (a quick 1 minute walk from their place, since we knew we'd have withdrawal), we wanted to leave something special behind.

We were the Godwins' first guests at their Chapel Hill apartment, so for our gift, we decided there would be no more meaningful gift we could give than a guestbook for their guest room. All the more fitting, I also designed their wedding guestbook.

For this personal guest room guestbook, I designed this custom, hard cover journal with a photo of Pearce & Chrissy with their dog Dakota (who is also a Godwin... obviously) and completed it with my own scanned hand-lettering.

I tied it with a bow and included two keys - not keys to their place that we were returning, but instead, two keys to our place. Because that's what neighbors do.

I left the guestbook sneakily at their apartment for them to discover, complete with the very first entry by Mr. & Mrs. Gus Franceschi. Here's a brief excerpt:

"What does it mean to be a guest of the Godwins?
Well, it likely means a few things.

- You are homeless of some sort - just for an evening or for approximately five months.

- You are brave.

- You are naive, and will happily volunteer ten minutes of your time to a house project.

- You are loved.

- And the Godwins know they are loved back.

If you match this description, welcome to this happy home. Feel free to get comfortable and stay awhile." 


With Greatest Story, I create custom gifts for any occasion and have the ability to personalize designs for hard cover journals, coffee mugs, serving trays, iPhone covers, lunch boxes, and more. If you have an event or special occasion come up and aren't sure what to gift someone you love, feel free to reach out. I love designing the perfect gift for someone special.