Creative Engagement Gift: A Wood-burned Engagement Gift Crate

When someone special in your life gets engaged, it can be pretty difficult to come up with a gift that feels as special as they are. It's even harder to give something meaningful and lasting.

That's one of the reasons I love this crate I designed and crafted for my cousin Ashley and her fiancé, Justin. It's a wood crate with their (future) married last name burned into the side of the crate, and chockfull of wedding magazines, books, two wood-burned picture frames, and a gold hand-lettered bottle of wine. In some ways, it's a fun twist on the DIY Engagement Gift "The Aisle File" I designed for Ruffled Wedding blog. 

It's my favorite kind of project because it can have lasting value for them far beyond celebrating engagement and an upcoming wedding. So many DIYs, crafts, and gifts in the world of weddings are disposable or unusable. I hope that these books (some which belonged to my mom, or to me, during wedding planning) will inspire her and that the crate may find a place in their new home together - perhaps as the perfect spot to roll up blankets in a living room.

In addition to invitations, favors, programs, and other papergoods, I offer many wedding gift services through Greatest Story Weddings. Whether you're looking for the perfect engagement gift, a special set of gifts for your bridesmaids, groomsmen, or for your parents, there's no end to what fun we could create that would be fun and have lasting meaning. Contact me if you have a special gift in mind for a big day in your life.


Custom Wood-burned Engagement Gift Crate | Designed by Greatest Story Weddings
Photography by Annie Franceschi

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