Black and White and String Lights - Wedding Anniversary Party

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have spotted my latest foray into event planning - a 35th wedding anniversary party I planned for my college mentor and her husband: Elisabeth and Philip. 

This party is just one of the many adventures I've had with Elisabeth and her family this summer. You'll see more in the fall, but today, I'm excited to share this special party I planned to celebrate this major milestone in their lives.

This is the site of the Benfey's future dream home. The picture to the right is just part of their backyard on 55 acres of gorgeous land. Since they'll be building their home as new construction, the existing mid-century home was a great place to host the party.

It provided a great opportunity for friends and family to come see the site of their future place and celebrate together. I designed the party to feel welcoming, fun, and homey - with whimsical elements like string lights, candles, hand-lettering, and lanterns. 

The party was catered with delicious asian fusion provided by Jujube, the restaurant managed by the Benfey's son, Julian. You may remember Jujube as a business client for Greatest Story Creative. 

As a mid-century home, the house has a ton of wood paneling. Rather than cover everything up, I incorporated the wood into the design elements for the party, beginning with hand-lettered white and gold ink food signage.

So, remember how I said the existing house will soon be taken down? Well, this allowed me to do some things for an event I may never get to do again - like staple the ceilings and paint on the walls!

The ceilings were a bit of an eyesore, so we covered them with breezy white muslin panels and handmade white paper pinwheels - all directly stapled into the ceiling.

Being able to paint on the walls was also incredible. I used the existing wood paneling as a backdrop for a design that played off the event's invitation which featured two champagne glasses. This was done with white acrylic paint and gold paint pen free-handed.

Painting on the walls also provided a great storytelling-driven opportunity - a guestbook wall! I used black acrylic paint and paint pens to create this wall of quirky hand-drawn frames for guests to fill with their own best wishes and best stabs at art inspired by Philip & Elisabeth.

Alongside great food and the guestbook, the party really got kicked off when Elisabeth and Philip's dance instructors did a demonstration for the crowd, just before they started giving lessons to all the guests.

It was an honor to put together this intimate celebration for Philip & Elisabeth. I'm sure they'll have much more to celebrate in the years ahead, and I always enjoy being a part of their story. Looking forward to the many new chapters ahead.


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Black and White and String Lights Wedding Anniversary Party | Designed and Planned by Greatest Story Events
Photography by Annie Franceschi except for panoramic photo (Friend)

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