Custom Return Address Stamp - A Puppy meets the Redwoods

Through Greatest Story, I get to celebrate a lot of awesome people's stories. Today, is even better though, cause we're celebrating the story of this little lady... Kona!

Kona is a talented golden retriever from California. If you're a fan of children's movies, you may recognize her as the star of the Disney Buddies' film SUPER BUDDIES. As you can see above, she still practices her routines as "MudBud" from her former role and enjoys mugging for the camera.

Kona's human dad, Jon, reached out to me this summer to ask me to create a return address stamp as a birthday gift for his wife, (Kona's human mom) Tracy.

Jon and Tracy take Kona pretty much everywhere they go, so in order to design something that told their story, we had to include Kona in a meaningful way.

One of Jon and Tracy's favorite places are the Redwoods in Northern California, so their stamp celebrated this special place, with a special cameo...

The stamp is also a bit of a play on vintage parks signage, showing the scale of humans (or in this case, dogs) in relation to natural foliage, like the Redwoods. Obviously, this isn't to scale but it's a little wink and nod to Kona and her role in all things Jon and Tracy love to explore.

 A thank you to Jon for coming to me for this special project. I've known Kona since she was a puppy, and turning her into a unique gift that shares more of her awesome with the world is a pretty great thing.


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