The NotWedding: Part 1 - Lavender Watercolor Invitation Suite

I'm excited to share the first part of my two-part reveal of my work the first ever Charlotte NotWedding! For the NotWedding, I designed a full wedding invitation suite (shown here) and a very special keepsake - a Love Story Art Canvas!

Today's post will introduce you to the invitation suite and the amazing love story behind its meaning and creation. Part 2 will be posted on Tuesday with even more NotWedding details to share, including a full look at the Love Story canvas and details on this new offering.


I had a unique experience prepping for this alternative bridal show. Though every vendor worked from an inspiration board of colors and textures influenced by "Lavender & Herbs," I wanted to take it one step further and treat this as I would any amazing real wedding. To me, this meant knowing the love story.

To create everything for the invitation suite and the Love Story Art Canvas, I started by talking to the real married couple featured in The NotWedding, Terra & Daniel.

Like I do with all my wedding clients, I asked Terra & Daniel to tell me their love story and share what they loved most about each other.


Terra met Daniel when she was in elementary school and he was in middle school. Daniel is the older brother of her best friend Sarah who Terra met when she was in 4th grade.

There was a significant five year age gap so it wasn't until they were both in Sarah's wedding party many years later, that they saw each other in a whole new life and fell playfully in love. They instantly become inseparable and got engaged just months after reconnecting.

Reflecting on their marriage and my conversation with them, one thing that really stood out to me is how much joy they find in each other's company. I kept thinking about that and a piece of advice that Terra shared with me about marriage - "never stop having fun."

These insights my starting points in celebrating the special story and life Terra & Daniel are building together in their marriage.


So how does a love story come to life on paper? Though the NotWedding isn't a real wedding, I approached the design of the invitations just as I would with a wedding invitation suite inspired by the couple themselves.

Since Terra and Daniel met at an early age, I wanted to showcase that story both visually and from a written perspective. I designed the invitation with watercolor elements complimented by hand-drawn icons and lettering, then printed on a white felt invitation stock that felt like watercolor paper.

These design choices weren't just beautiful, they communicated a sense of fun - a key element of their relationship, shared a reference to creating together, and called back to their first meeting as kids (a time when you more frequently doodle and watercolor).

The cards were trifold, so as guests peeled back each "leaf" or page of the invitation, they were invited to learn more and more about Terra & Daniel's story. Here's how this experience worked.

The first leaf read "We met as kids".
The second leaf read "We fell in love as adults."
And the inner leaf revealed "As Husband & Wife, Our adventures have just begun."

One of my favorite elements was the experience of revealing this watercolor portrait on the final "beat" of the little story contained in the invitation pages.

This watercolor art of Terra and Daniel is actually a painting based on a photograph from their actual wedding in 2013. To me, the photo it is based on, paired with the fun of the watercolor technique, perfectly celebrated the joyful love they have for each other.

The invitation suite was completed with a watercolor RSVP and a mini information card that looked like a small watercolor canvas.

And as a finishing touch, all the pieces were placed in a lavender envelope and completed with a hand-lettered wrap-around label, ready for the awesome guests of The NotWedding.


Check back on Tuesday, September 9 for Part 2: The Reveal and Introduction of the Love Story Art Canvas, a brand-new offering for weddings and special events.


Photography | Carolina Lima
The NotWedding Vendors | Charlotte: August 7, 2014
Envelopes | Paper Source