The NotWedding: Part 2 - Terra and Daniel's Love Story Art Canvas

Last Thursday, I shared the trifold watercolor invitation suite I created for The NotWedding, a big fake wedding that was thrown in Charlotte a few weeks back.

Today, I'm showing off the other piece I created for The NotWedding, a brand-new offering for Greatest Story Weddings: The Love Story Art Canvas.

The Love Story Art Canvas is your love story, brought to life as custom art.

Your love story is written and illustrated in the style of your wedding, printed on a gallery-wrapped canvas to display at your wedding reception. After the wedding, your canvas becomes a meaningful keepsake you can enjoy in your home for many years to come.


So for Terra and Daniel's Love Story canvas, the inspiration came directly from their story and then the art was designed to fit the style of their "wedding."

As you may have read on Thursday, Terra and Daniel first met as kids - her best friend Sarah is Daniel's younger sister. Here's a bit more about their story from last week's post:

(When they met, she was in 4th grade and he was in middle school, so) There was a significant five year age gap... It wasn't until they were both in Sarah's wedding party many years later, that they saw each other in a whole new life and fell playfully in love. They instantly become inseparable and got engaged just months after reconnecting.

Reflecting on their marriage and my conversation with them, one thing that really stood out to me is how much joy they find in each other's company. I kept thinking about that and a piece of advice that Terra shared with me about marriage - "never stop having fun."

After talking with Terra and Daniel and hearing about all the things they do together, like singing in the car, or staying up late talking and laughing, I realized that they don't just advise people to "never stop having fun" - they practice it. Everything about their love story celebrates it. Looking at all the pieces of their lives together (so far), it became clear to me that everything amounted to a life spent celebrating the joy they find in each other. It was so inspirational, it was almost like a guide.

And so I created their Love Story canvas as a guide - "Terra & Daniel's Guide to a Fun-Filled Marriage" - complete with "tips" pointing to pieces of their relationship along the way.

In the above art print version of the canvas, you can even see the beginning of their relationship is told in a playful guide format:
"Befriend people with cute, older siblings. (Keep mental notes if there's an age gap.)"
"Years later, be a bridesmaid in such a friend's wedding & reconnect with her still cute, older brother."

As they've been married, even things like spending the weekend doing house projects become special pieces of their time together,

"Make a home sweet home and spend every weekend at Lowe's."


As I'd done with the invitation suite, the canvas used fun techniques that fit their story and brought  all the pieces together visually - like watercolor, hand-lettering, and hand-drawn icons.

The watercolor portrait here is the same one used on the invitation (which is actually a photograph from Terra & Daniel's real wedding). 

Here's how they all work together yet show off different parts of the couple's love story.


It was so much fun to create all of these pieces for Terra & Daniel / The NotWedding, but I have to say the best part was surprising Terra and Daniel in-person with the finished Love Story Art Canvas. 

I think somewhere in this moment both Terra and I cried. Things got really emotional when I then pulled an "Oprah" moment and told Terra & Daniel that I was giving them the canvas to keep, a small thank you for sharing so much with me.

Looking back, the thing is, it's such a major thing when someone trusts you to tell their story. I consider it such a gift to earn that trust and give a couple back something that celebrates their love story and their connection to each other. 

I hope Terra and Daniel will enjoy this piece in their home for a long time to come. I know I will always enjoy playing a part in just one moment of their love story.


Photography | Carolina Lima . LaCross Photography (Top 2 Photos) . Nicole Caudle Photography (Canvas Close-up)
The NotWedding Vendors | Charlotte: August 7, 2014
Envelopes | Paper Source


The Love Story Art Canvas is now available as an offering for weddings, or as a special gift for a loved one or couple. It's been used most often as a display piece for wedding receptions, but can be adapted as a great anniversary gift, engagement present, or even a way to propose. The design may also become the centerpiece of an invitation suite or wedding programs, in addition to a physical canvas. If you have a love story in mind, feel free to contact me for further information.