Real Talk: What It Means to Face your Fears

Just a year ago, I had spent months thinking about this very week in the future - what it would look like, what I'd be doing, if I'd be a total disaster, and what facing my fears would actually mean. I was doing this because a year ago on January 25, 2014, I made one of the biggest and scariest decisions of my life: going full-time with Greatest Story.

So, now I know the answer. What does "now" look like for me? It looks like this dresser that used to belong to my parents. It used to be yellow, dingy, and sitting in a garage for over a decade after my mom passed away. Gus and I dug it out of my aunt's garage, sanded it, repainted it, and gave it a purpose - a mission to inspire us everyday when we woke up and saw it - "Be in love with your life, every minute of it" (quote by Jack Kerouac).

And that's what it feels like to wake up everyday and run this business where I make custom creative based on your story: like I'm in love with my life, the good, the bad, the ugly, and the uncertain, because I'm living it on purpose.

12 months ago, I went full-time by turning down a great, full-time job. It was a decision I agonized over. On paper and to some, I looked crazy for not taking it or not trying to do both. But here's my confession: I don't know how to do anything not at 100%. I'd also realized, through countless conversations with friends, my dad, and my husband, that the only tangible reason to not go full-time was fear and uncertainty. I could have taken that job, but I'd be doing it out of fear, denying the truth I felt in my heart, that I needed to take this risk.

So, here I am, taking a minute on the other side of the uncertain and here's what I know: the truth will set you free and guide your heart. It took twenty seconds of courage to call and turn down the job. It took a few months to get the business off the ground. And in a year of it all, I've lived more intentional life in my career in the past 12 months than in my entire working life.

In this time, I've been a part of amazing wedding celebrations that will last a lifetime, I've helped launch a new restaurant, I've created meaningful things for people, and as cheesy as it may seem sometimes - I've actually helped people tell their stories.

When I wake up everyday and see this dresser and it makes me think about being that yellow version of it - having the potential to really help people through my creativity but leaving that potential tucked away, collecting dust. And I also get to see what it's become, something beautiful again, in tune with a purpose and a daily direction. It's part of my story - both the before and the after. And it's a great reminder heading into the next chapter.

Here's to an epic year 2 of feeling the fear and you guessed it, doing it anyway.

Dresser Photo | Robyn Van Dyke Photography