DIY Christmas Ornament Party Favors

Want to make your Christmas Party guests feel loved?
Here's a quick, easy, meaningful, and inexpensive DIY favor for your holiday party:

 DIY Christmas Ornament Party Favors

This project comes from our Holiday Cookie Exchange. This year, Gus and I threw this party to celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah with our local friends and family here in NC.

Here's all you need to make this DIY happen:


  • Sharpie Oil-Based Pen (one will last up to 20 ornaments)
  • Porcelain Ornaments (or Glass) - enough for each of your guests (we did one per household)
  • For those that feel less confident with their own handwriting, you could get initial stickers and just do a household monogram, the sentiment is the same
  • A Christmas Tree to display everything


Approximately 1 hour for 20 ornaments


$15 for 20 ornaments. All the super nice blank porcelain ornaments were 70% off $1.99 each at Michael's due to the holidays. The Sharpie was about $4 (also from Michael's), and because I have the Michael's app - the entire purchase was also 20% off.


  1. Wipe down your ornaments - make sure they are clean and dry.
  2. Set out a towel or other soft, grippy surface on a table. This is where you'll place the ornaments for them to dry.
  3. Use the sharpie to personalize each ornament and set them on the towel for at least 5-10 minute each.
  4. Once dry, hang on the tree and instruct your guests to make sure they "Take a very close look at the tree before they leave!" :)

Fun personalization ideas:

  • Est. or Since 2015, or whatever year a couple was married
  • A heart on a newly dating couple
  • Put your name(s) on the back with a Merry Christmas message and the year
  • Draw something meaningful to each person
  • Write monograms or initials
  • Include a box with a ribbon for guests to take their ornament home
  • Make a branch tree to hang the ornaments from instead of using your home Christmas tree

Our Cookie Exchange

Here's a behind-the-scenes look at our Christmas Cookie Exchange. We used a red chalk pen and wrote on our fridge to keep a running total of how many dozens of cookies we had in the house all night. Can you believe we got up to 336?! So.many.cookies.

We made a little box decorating station with stickers and paint pens so guests could personalize their take-home boxes. You can find the ones we got here on Amazon.

We made Buddy the Elf proud, I'm sure.

OH, and the chalk pen easily wiped off our fridge with soap and water. If you try, make sure test somewhere small first. 

DIY Christmas Ornament Party Favors for our Holiday Cookie Exchange
Photography by Greatest Story Creative