Emma and Derek's Personalized Save the Date Postcards

When Emma and Derek came to me to begin the process of designing for their wedding, one thing was very clear about their love story: they love, love, love their friends and family. Not only do they see their wedding day as the first step in their marriage, they see it as more than just "their day." In our conversations, they kept talking about wanting the day to feel like a "celebration of us" and it was very clear, us was not just this bride and groom.

For their save the dates, I was so inspired by their investment in making this event about everyone being together, that I created a completely personalized Save the Date postcard around the idea of a "celebration of us."

So, check this out - their Save the Date is actually completely customized to their guests! It's a 4x6 postcard with the phrase "A celebration of us wouldn't be complete without you!" featuring a photo of Emma and Derek and street signs featuring the names of their guests! This means that as a guest, you'd receive a postcard that literally had your name featured on it!

 To accomplish this level of intention for their 100+ guest wedding, I created 10 different versions of the same design (just switching out the names on the signs) and then printed 10 copies of each.

This is a great example of how creativity and thoughtfulness doesn't have to be expensive or out of reach when you approach it with an eye for storytelling and intention.

I love how these turned out. I can only imagine how Emma and Derek's friends and family felt getting these in the mail! I am sure if I found my name on a Save the Date, I'd feel pretty loved. What an epic celebration of "us" this will be in June!

Emma & Derek's Personalized Save the Date Postcards | Designed by Greatest Story Weddings
Photography (Save the Dates) | Annie Franceschi
Photograph (of the couple) | Kinzel Photography 

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