BrianaBakes & One-on-One Coaching Sessions now live at Greatest Story Creative

The New Greatest Story Creative for Business Site is live

Y'all, 2015 has been quite of season of change. Last time I blogged it was to share the new Greatest Story Weddings section with you. Today, I'm announcing some amazing new things that are now here at Greatest Story Creative, our division for business and entrepreneurs! This section has a whole new look and feel and great updates that share more about what brand and story services I offer to help start and grow amazing, authentic businesses.. 

First, we have some beautiful new client pages up for you to see, including the debut of BrianaBakes - a stellar and delicious custom order bakery in Rock Hill, South Carolina. I helped Briana name her business, developed her logo and full brand, and launched her website. See more behind BrianaBakes here.

Secondly, I'm officially offering one-on-one business coaching! There are two kinds of coaching sessions called "Story Sessions." One is a Business Mentoring session focused on the topic of your choice (branding, marketing, starting a business, etc.) and the other is a Brand Analysis of your existing branding, if you already have a business.

After years of helping clients strategize and reach their business goals, I'm thrilled to help anyone who's looking to start a business, small business owners, and entrepreneurs move their dreams forward. (That's right, you don't have to already be a Greatest Story client to do a session!) You can learn more or book a session starting today hereJust note: there are a limited number of sessions left for May and June.

Lastly, I just wanted to make sure you know about Annie's Circle, my creative community newsletter that I started in April via It's for my friends (old and new) and even folks that I haven't met yet. It's a newsletter for anyone that's interested or invested in my story and wants me to invest in theirs.

The reason I mention it is that Annie's Circle readers were the very first to learn about my coaching services before I announced them online. I also gave away one of each type of session to Annie's Circle reader and they can use it or gift it to their friends and family.

If you want to be a part of surprises like this, I invite you to sign up for the circle. I vowed in my latest letter that I'll be giving away one Mentoring session and one Brand Analysis each time I send a letter until the end of 2015, so if you're curious - let's make it happen. You can sign up or learn more about Annie's circle here.

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