"Super Baby" Pregnancy Announcement

"Super Baby" Pregnancy Announcement by Greatest Story | Image featured by EB+JC Photography

Part of what’s fun about Greatest Story is that because we have multiple creative arms, we can help you tell your story throughout your whole life: when you get married, when you start a business, throw a party, or even – as today’s post is about – when you are going to have a baby!

I was thrilled when Amanda + Sami, a Greatest Story Weddings 2014 couple, came to me a few months ago to tell me they were pregnant and that they wanted me to create a custom pregnancy announcement!

I collaborated directly with Amanda to write, illustrate, and design these quirky 5x7” super hero baby cards that they then mailed to their closest friends and family to share the news.

The overall writing and design is directly inspired by their wedding and how their photographer EB+JC Photography captured pictures of them together with each other’s national and state flags. (Sami is from Finland and Amanda is American/from Texas – they met online in a Star Wars online video game forum! Seriously. Read about their love story and wedding here).

Here's how that and their love of super heroes came together for the announcement:

As you can see on the back, these two have so many fun shared interests more of them into this announcement – reframing them as qualifications for both babysitters and fan boy / fan girls for the new kiddo.

We were also able to use one of the blue colors directly from their wedding reception to tie in visually into this new chapter in their lives!

My favorite part of this project was the surprise factor! After the cards had been mailed out, Amanda was told on her 30th birthday that not only was she pregnant, but she was having twins!

Since we’re Facebook friends too, I spotted her update and went ahead to create a little “copy and paste” action so make her a new digital announcement featuring not one, but TWO babies.

This is definitely the first time I’ve ever had to do a client revision due to the newly discovered existence of a totally new person, but what a fun twist. I’m pretty sure Amanda saw the new version and laughed hysterically! Life is funny that way.

Here's what the new version looked like! :)

Thanks so much to Amanda and Sami for continuing their story with us. I can’t wait until your awesome twins arrive on planet Earth next month!


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