BrianaBakes is an amazing made-to-order bakery based in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

Owner and Pastry Chef Briana Wagner came to Greatest Story Creative to launch her business in 2015. A youthful and talented chef, Briana wanted her bakery business to both reflect her warm and whimsical personality while still feeling in touch with the nostalgic memories she has of sharing homebaked treats with her friends and family. 

Through a custom package of Brand & Story services, including naming, full brand development, and website creation, we brought Briana's vision of new celebrates old into vivid life in her new brand, BrianaBakes.

Brand & Story Services:

  • Naming
  • Logo Design
  • Full Brand & Identity Creation
  • Website
  • Business Card Design
  • Business Stationery Design
  • Packaging Label Design
  • Social Media Graphic Design & Writing (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest)
  • Creative Consultation

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Briana had been struggling to find a name that fit her and the mission of her business completely when we first started collaborating. Her best possible name was "Sweet Sinsations," because her treats were so good, they were a bit of a splurge for a treat.

When we began talking about her story, I pointed out that especially online, "Sweet Sinsations" might attract a more adult audience than Briana was looking for. But I understood the heart - the name needed to be about something sweet and something to be enjoyed.

I did my naming research based on Briana's story and vision for her business. I recommended three names and we ultimately chose "BrianaBakes." It was a name that fit what Briana needed from it: it needed to feel like her, communicate what the passion is behind her business, and feel sweet. 

Logo and Tagline

Once we had a name, we got to tell more of Briana's story in her logo and tagline.

For the logo, we used one of her favorite colors (orange) plus a complimentary blue, to feel fun, fresh, and youthful. We juxtaposed that with a vintage/retro-inspired font.

The tagline helped us bring more of the story forward, "Southern Goodness that'll whisk you away."

This comes from Briana telling me how she wanted her treats to taste so good that they make you remember the sweeter moments in life. It allows us to share more of the brand promise, while also indicating to her customers that her goods are Southern, in charm and deliciousness.

A Sweet Website

Visiting Briana's website ( feels like walking into a familiar yet fresh and fun southern dessert experience.

You enter on a page that looks like a recipe card, asking you to "come on in, y'all!"

From there, you see "Howdy" (About), "Custom Goodness" (Menu), "Info for You" (FAQ), and of course "Whisk Me Away" (Contact). Once you're in the world of BrianaBakes, you are whisked away to a place of delicious doughs, custom cakes, and more. 

Die-Cut Business Cards

For Briana, we created two business card designs - one is a traditional 3.5 x 2" and the other is this - a die-cut "B."

This simple mark "B" with a whisk attached is a secondary brand element that's part of Briana's full brand story. It's fun to use it here as a die-cut business card because it's totally unexpected and memorable.

Briana has the benefit of her initials being a "B" and her business name having two "B's." We've used this quirky "B" design not only in business cards, but also in custom patterns and social media profile pictures to be a simple, fun, and clean way to communicate BrianaBakes.

Working with Greatest Story

"I have had the pleasure of working side by side with the amazing Annie Franceschi
and it has been such a wonderful and awesome experience.

She was so helpful and knowledgeable in helping me get the ball rolling on my future!
She comes highly recommended from me. If you are looking to revamp or need any sort of creativity towards your business,
please reach out to her she will do amazing and wonderful things!"

- Briana Wagner
Owner & Chef, BrianaBakes