Juju is a brand-new asian fusion restaurant in Durham, North Carolina. This hot spot on Durham's 9th street was recently named one of the next places you need to eat in America.

Greatest Story collaborated with talented graphic designer Alisa Benfey to craft and present the story of Juju as it made its restaurant debut on the triangle foodie scene. Alisa created the brand visuals and I wrote the tagline, key brand strategy, and copy. The partnership and collaboration with Juju's amazing owners made this a very special and delicious brand story for Greatest Story Creative.

Brand & Story Services:

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Brand Strategy & Tagline

Graphic designer Alisa Benfey created the beautiful logo you see to your left.

Juju's owners wanted the restaurant to feel whimsical and unexpected. To pair with Alisa's visual, I wrote Juju's tagline, "Deliciously lucky."

It's a descriptor of the experience that guests should have while dining at Juju and has spawned more elements of the dining experience around the concept of being "deliciously lucky."

I also wrote the sub-descriptor of the restaurant "Asian Tapas + Bar" or longer form, "Asian Tapas + Bar of Good Fortune." Some of the original ideas included "Dim Sum and Bar" and other mentions of dim sum. While Juju included a dim sum service, it wasn't traditional dim sum food - after all, it was going to be asian fusion and unexpected!

From a brand strategy perspective, I recommended describing the restaurant as asian tapas instead. This way, guests who like dim sum would be entertained by the new twist on it (surprised by the unexpected), rather than expecting traditional dim sum and being disappointed in their experience.


A Dynamic Website

In collaboration with Alisa, I crafted an engaging website that felt fun and unexpected, like the Juju dining experience. Tabs like "Try your luck" invite you to more information about visiting the restaurant and "The experience" gives you a sense of what to expect while dining.

Since the restaurant opened in December 2014, the website been brought to delicious and gorgeous life with custom snaps by the talented Alexandrea Thomsen of Dtown Perspective photography. 

Here's the copy that tells the story of dining at Juju.

Lucky Copy

Telling a story in a brand isn't just about creating the visuals. For Juju, since the graphic design was handled by another partner, I focused on the brand strategy and in particular, the copywriting. 

Here's how I described the unique experience that is Juju:

"Deliciously lucky.

Juju: Asian Tapas + Bar is a new asian fusion tapas dining experience in Durham, North Carolina.

Juju is the exciting sister restaurant to Chapel Hill’s acclaimed Jujube, launched by local restaurateurs Julian Benfey and Charlie Deal, the award-winning chef behind Jujube and Durham’s Dos Perros. Located on Ninth St. near Duke University’s East Campus, Juju is the luckiest place in town to be, for anything from an early bite to a fun evening late into the night.

Juju serves up small plates with bold flavors, each prepared creatively with attention to tradition, whimsy, local integrity, and, of course, deliciousness. In addition to its extensive and delicious menu, Juju features a dynamic beverage program of hand-made cocktails, extensive Sake selections and a well-chosen list of artisan wines and craft beers.

Dine at the exquisite bar, in the luxurious booths, in the main dining room, or around the fire pit on the patio.  Make a meal from small plates or order a whole Peking duck to share with friends.

Just come ready for a memorable experience."