Featured in Bon Appetit magazine, Jujube is a wonderful Asian Fusion restaurant in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. It's the sister restaurant to the brand-new asian fusion tapas spot, Juju in Durham.

Jujube had an existing brand when the owners partnered with me / Greatest Story Creative. We took their existing website that ran on WordPress and completely redid it. The result is a dynamic web presence on Squarespace that looks great on a desktop or on a mobile device.

It was a great (and really yummy) adventure taking a great restaurant and bringing out their potential with a fresh new site and copy that spoke to the special experience of dining at Jujube.

Brand & Story Services:

BEFORE: Jujube's Website on WordPress

AFTER:  Jujube's Greatest Story Creative website on Squarespace

AFTER: Jujube's Greatest Story Creative website on Squarespace

A Fresh Website

Great restaurants often have not-so-great websites. As I've learned working on restaurant brands, successful restauranteurs don't have time to stop in an average day and focus on their website.

When I started working with Jujube to re-do their existing site, I knew something wonderful would come together because Jujube already had a great story - delicious food, loyal customers, and a tradition that many loved and enjoyed.

Creating a new site for Jujube was all about seizing potential. I like to tell my clients about low-hanging fruit. Since Jujube was already an awesome place, the charge with the website was to translate the experience of dining there to new customers - those who had never experienced the fun, imaginative cuisine at Jujube.

I moved Jujube's site from WordPress to Squarespace to create a beautiful, visual site that looks and feels like eating at the restaurant. Paired with amazing visuals from Alexandrea Thomsen at Dtown Perspective, the final Jujube site tells the right story and the one that will get you to finally try that place you've always wanted to.

See more at www.jujuberstaurant.com