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Welcome to the Family...

Laura's Family Gluten-Free is a custom gluten-free bakery business run by Laura Franceschi in Denver, Colorado.

Laura's the mom of seven children and a talented baker with decades of culinary experience. She has an amazing story that came to life through several brand and story services.

Laura and some of her amazing family. 

Laura and some of her amazing family. 

Brand & Story Services:

  • Naming
  • Full Brand & Identity Creation
  • Business Card Design
  • Social Media Graphic Design (Facebook)
  • Marketing Positioning
  • Copywriting
  • Packaging Design
  • Custom Photography Shoot
  • Creative Consultation

- A Few Favorite Brand Stories -

Laura's Family Gluten-Free - Logo

Laura shares how her business name led to her success, 
"People sincerely wanted to know about my story: my struggle with learning of mine and my children’s gluten intolerance, my years of converting our family’s favorite recipes to first palatable and then delicious gluten free replacements, and ultimately how I decided to fill a need by developing my business.

A good story gets people to relate and sometimes I get the privilege to hear and share in their stories."

Naming & Logo Design

Laura originally wanted to name her business "Pasteles" which is spanish for pastries. While it spoke to her Puerto Rican heritage, it didn't tell the whole story of the unique value of her business.

Half of Laura's 7 children can eat wheat (gluten) and half can't. Her baked goods are so delicious that everyone can enjoy them together. And when you have one of her treats, you're part of the family.

We created the name "Laura's Family" with the tagline "crowd-pleasing gluten-free" to better tell that story. 

To complement the name, the logo is meant to feel warm and approachable (hence the lowercase letters). The textures simulate flour dust and the rolling pin also calls to mind baking.

Baking a Full Brand


I loved creating a full brand around Laura and her new baking business, including these whimsical brand elements. They can be used in a variety of ways across collateral and social media. They also clearly speak to Laura's and her family's fun sensibilities as well as the down-home yumminess of her baked goods.

One of my favorite storytelling elements is how the Laura's Family name also shortens to a beautiful graphic element using the initials "LF" which are nicely and coincidentally Laura's personal initials as well. 

Business & Loyalty Cards

To the right, you see our square business card for Laura's family. It's an unexpected shape (a square) with a whimsical tagline for Laura "baker of yummy." Being unique in shape and feel has made the cards a conversation piece. When customers ask Laura about them, it allows her to come out of her shell a bit and show off her warm personality and passion behind her treats and her business.

As part of Laura's business is based on farmer's markets and repeat local business, I created these loyalty cards using brand elements (the spatulas). Laura and her family punch through one spatula at a time, encouraging folks to come back and keep trying more gluten-free yummy. 


"I love what we have come up with so far.  Many of my customers have commented on how warm and appealing my packaging is. "


A Picture Worth a Thousand Yums...

As part of my work for Laura's Family, I did a custom photography shoot of six key items in Laura's product line. I continue to leverage this shoot in many ways, including the creation of social media graphics to build a Facebook photo album of Laura's Family current product offerings.


"An example of Annie’s savvy is the simple, inexpensive system she developed to take stunning photos of product.  That being said, I know she planned, set up and spent many hours shooting my line and I am so pleased with how professional they look."


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