Pearce Godwin, Founder & President of Listen First Project, with 2014 Election Season Political Signage

It's amazing to work on brands that are dedicated to changing our world for the better. Such is my work as Vice President of Brand for a non-profit known as Listen First Project.

Listen First is a movement started by Pearce Godwin, a NC native and former political strategist on Capitol Hill. After spending five months in Uganda with his wife, Pearce gained the critical perspective that we as a country have stopped listening to each other. And the message is simple, it's time to start again.

Pearce's first essay about listening has now been published more than 30 newspapers across the country. And as Founder and President, Pearce is partnering with Senior Leadership, a Board of Advisors, and the greatest sources of support - everyday people - to rally behind the old-fashioned yet incredibly underused art of listening to one another.

Brand & Story Services:

  • Logo Design
  • Full Brand & Identity Creation
  • Website
  • Business Card/Collateral Design
  • Social Media Graphic Design (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Optimization)
  • Political Yard Signage Design
  • Speechwriting
  • Presentation Writing & Design
  • Creative Consultation

- A Few Favorite Brand Stories -

Listen First Project | Logo for a Non-profit Organization

Logo Design

To support this mission and its story, I've crafted a logo that invites anyone who sees it to look again. The "1st" is actually hidden in the word "Listen," which literally asks anyone who encounters the logo to actively listen and do a double-take.

The color blue we used is also classic but not a democratic party blue or even an American flag blue. 

We also achieved some additional storytelling by adding the sound waves but turning them inward. Listen First Project isn't about being heard, it's about listening and hearing others - which we do when we take sounds in.

Business Cards

As a movement, Listen First serves as a reminder to do something most of us were taught how to do at one point or another: be a good listener.

One of the ways to pass this message forward is through engaging collateral. The Listen First Project Business cards don't solely offer basic contact information, they also provide you a tangible opportunity to dedicate yourself to listening by signing the Listen First pledge.

With its portable size and memorable shape, the card becomes a valuable, physical reminder to those interested in helping all of us find more common ground.


Listen First Project began on Blogger. As the organization has grown, the need for an extensive, polished website became apparent.

In late 2015, I partnered with Pearce to create, write, and design a professional site (hosted on Squarespace) that reflects the current status of the organization and serves the brand well.

You can check it out at


Listen First Project Non-Profit Organization Custom Website + Copy by Greatest Story Creative

Working with Greatest Story

"Every one of the branding concepts and tangible pieces Annie has created for LFP perfectly express who we are
and are uniquely optimized to each particular channel:  bumper stickers, hard copy, website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.  

Annie quickly gained a comprehensive understanding of the essence and mission of LFP  and effortlessly translated that into a visual brand, precisely and effectively conveying who we are. 

Numerous people have approached me to rave about our logo and overall brand. Annie knows how to grab attention and leverage your story for greatest impact."

- Pearce Godwin
President & Founder, Listen First Project