An admissions essay is one of the most important opportunities you'll ever have to tell your story.

Getting into college and professional schools is now more competitive than ever. When you stack up against others with similar test scores, extracurriculars, and honors, there's one thing that can separate you: your story and how you tell it.

Communicating your value on paper isn't easy, so that's why we work with high school, college, and professional school students by offering polishes and feedback on application essays.

We'll read your best draft and speak with you to get to know a bit more about who you are and what's special about your story. From there, we'll present you with feedback and a suggested polish. It will show you how to take your original content, organize it, repackage it, and make sure your story shines through.

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"I had been working on my graduate school application essays for weeks when I met Annie. They had to be perfect and they had to say everything that I wanted them to say in 250 words or less. I had decided it was an impossible task. I hesitated at sending Annie my paragraphs... But I'm so glad that I did because what she returned to me was a genius rearrangement and take on all of the important information that I was trying to get across.

They were all my words and thoughts but it was as if she had taken my scattered thoughts, folded them up, placed them in a box, and tied it with a pretty bow. The essays were perfection and they were within my word limit! I can't help but think that having her help me with these helped strengthen my application and I can't thank her enough!"

- AMY FAIR, Essay Polish client, on her successful graduate school application to Meredith University