Creative Business Cards for Life Coach, Michele Woodall


In today's Greatest Story Creative  Client Story, I'd like to show you one big opportunity you have with your business cards: providing a memorable experience of your business and value.

Business Card Strategy for Life Coach, Michele Woodall

To show you this in action, I'd like to introduce you to Michele Woodall, of Michele Woodall Coaching. Michele is an incredible, joyful life coach based in South Carolina. Her specialty is helping people, women in particular, move through life transitions. Having gone through a number of tough life transitions herself, Michele provides guidance and grace to women in need of her amazing services and perspective.

Michele and I began working together at the same time I partnered with Mary Ann Sibley of our client, Matterspark (spoiler alert: they are best friends, and yes they're amazing together).  Here's a bit about Michele's practice before we got underway.

Before I worked with Annie, I had a website for my life coaching business, but I didn't have a brand. And my website didn't reflect me. 

Before and After Branding for her Life Coaching Practice



We started out with this look, logo and website that Michele had previously developed. Michele certainly looked professional, but as she shared - these visuals and message didn't reflect her or tell her story in a way that would attract the clients she loves to work with.


I took Michele through our signature Brand Story process, developing her Primary Logo and Tagline Set, to a full Brand Story Guide (with everything from her "About Me" story, to fonts and colors, to her business cards), to a Story-in-Action brand photoshoot with Faith Teasley, and finally - to a brand-new website that shows her value and tells her story.

We learned in the process that there was so much to Michele's heart for women and there was a message of guidance, grace, and helping you move through transitions. In her Primary Logo, we identified that this story was very well exemplified by her love of daisies and of gardening. Daisies are a friendly, welcoming flower, they grow in the dirt (and the messiness) and they are able to transform over time. 

With this inspiring the entire brand story - here's where ended up with Michele's logo and the front page of her website - which you can explore at




One of my favorite parts of this project was creating business cards that went outside the box and told Michele's story in a way that would be memorable and inviting to her ideal clients. I created what appears to be a deceptively simple / basic design as you see in the below image. They are standard sized business cards, but what you may not realize by looking at them here - they are printed on SEED PAPER!

That's right, as the directions read on the back of the design, if you plant Michele's business card, it will literally GROW

Not only will it grow, it will grow into real English daisies!

Faith Teasley Photography

Faith Teasley Photography

How Can You Show Your Value in Business Cards?

Take a cue from Michele for one big way to personalize your business cards: think about how you can represent the work you do and create an EXPERIENCE out of them that your clients would love. If you know what your overarching brand story is all about - go back to it and look for how to show off one aspect or element about it, like we did here with flowers and growth.

Things like this become so much easier when you know what your message (the story authentic to you and relevant to your favorite dream clients) is and have tools to draw from, like a Brand Story Guide with your key wording and key visuals like logo variations and taglines.

Here's what Michele had to say about the experience and how it feels to have these creative assets to grow her business:

When we went through the brand process and Annie wrote my Brand Story Guide, it made me cry. It was very emotional and very cool to hear my story and see it. Reworking my business, something that I thought was going to be painful, was not painful. Annie made it fun and so easy, every step along the way. She’s professional and did an amazing job. And the finished product is awesome - you get a lot of stuff with this approach, not just a website. It’s so much more than that. For me, my biggest thing is that I feel more confident about presenting my business to people now. I feel more professional. Even though I had a website before, now I have something I’m proud to show people! 


See more of Michele's brand and learn more about her amazing practice and her passion for people at

If you're wishing you had a Brand Story to inspire your business cards, marketing, and more - let's talk! I'd be happy to talk with you and see what we can do to make that happen for you. Grab a free consultation with me right here at a time that works for you.