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Based in North Carolina and serving clients nationwide, Greatest Story Creative is a branding agency that helps you tell your story in your small business and in your life.

We’re there for you if you don’t feel creative and you don’t know “how to tell your story.”  The work we do is about listening to you and bringing your story to life through writing, graphic design, and our full suite of creative services.

• For small business owners, we help you start or grow a business with the logo, website, and more that set you apart.
• For couples, we ensure your wedding paper details tell your love story.
• For party hosts, we create the event details you need to celebrate someone special’s story.
• For everyone, we make those every day moments like applying to college or having the perfect gift created a little bit easier.

Whether you're near us in Durham, NC or you're halfway around the world, we know you have a story in you and we're here to help you celebrate it.


We believe that you have something great to share with the world, so the work we do
 – small business branding, websites, copywriting, and graphic design - 
is about giving you ways to share that with others. 

Greatest Story Creative was founded in October 2013 in North Carolina, where we are based. 

Our Creative Director, Annie Franceschi, started Greatest Story
after a career in brand management with The Walt Disney Studios
and years studying storytelling. Discover her story below.


A few highlights...

• 4 years as Founder and Creative Director of Greatest Story Creative

• 2.5 years as a professional speaker on branding

• 5+ year career in brand management and story development in the LA film industry - including The Walt Disney Studios, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Lionsgate Films, and New Line Cinema

• Bachelor’s Degree in Literature, Film, and English from Duke University

• 30+ years as a Muppets fan (Are you still reading this? This is totally true.)

This isn't my dream job.

Let me explain. Growing up, I was the total arts kid (definitely not the sports kid). I loved creating things for friends and family, but most of all - I loved the movies. So after college, I followed that passion and headed straight for Hollywood. 

I worked my way up to my “dream job” - a position at Disney, writing and presenting stories for major movies. 

But getting what you think you want in life can be a funny experience. For me, it took finally reaching that incredible, "big deal" job to realize two very important things – 1) it was just a dream job, not a dream life – 2) as real people, we also have great stories to tell.

So I never imagined giving up a dream job at Disney, but I did. I’d never considered moving back to NC and starting a business, but I did.

And in October 2013, I didn’t know where to really start or what might come next.

But I did have this: a crazy idea to invent a business that helps real people like you tell your story.

This is Greatest Story Creative and it has been a risk worth taking.

In the past 4 years, we’ve been blessed to bring to life the stories of so many real people - starting businesses, getting married, having kiddos - all the moments big and small that make us who we are. 

So this isn’t my dream job. It’s far better than a dream job because it’s bigger than just me.

I’m honored that Greatest Story Creative allows me to play a part in helping you share what’s great about you with the world. And I'm grateful every day that fate had a different plan for me. The chapters we write together stick with me for a lifetime - like no other work ever has or ever could. 

Let’s celebrate your story,

Annie Franceschi
Say hello at annie (at)