Featured on Business of Story Podcast: Giving Yourself a Shot to Succeed

Giving Yourself a Shot to Succeed - Annie Franceschi

Welcome to my last story in our 5-part series on "Being Human in Business." In this series, we've explored various aspects of embracing vulnerability and our shared humanity in our businesses and in our interactions with other business owners.

In the past 4 weeks, we've looked at:


In today's story, we'll wrap up with:


Whatever you're considering doing, this short story this week is about encouraging you to embrace your value (and your imperfections) and put yourself out there. Take the risk you are thinking about, give yourself the compliment you need - be the hand you need to help yourself out of a bad place.


How I learned to give myself a shot...

When I was working in Hollywood - trying to become a screenwriter - I spent years worrying that I was on the right path. I didn't know what the right path was and felt stuck, embarrassed and lost. 

But I found a way to give myself a shot at possibility - and ultimately, the life and career I was really looking for all along. 

And I'm so excited to share that story this week on an episode of The Business of Story Podcast hosted by Park Howell! Check it out and discover what I've failed at, how I almost got fired, and what surprising thing people did when I told them I was quitting my dream job at Disney...


>> Or you can find my episode on iTunes / in the Podcast app under "Business of Story" 

Many thanks to Grant Crowell - a "Branding with Annie" workshop community member who introduced me to Park and made this opportunity possible!

New Series on Messaging Coming Next Week

I'll be back next week with September's series - all about finding the right words to clearly and quickly share your story and the story of your business (by popular demand)!

If you've got specific questions about that world - reply to this and let me know. Perhaps I can address in September's stories!

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