Working with a Logo Designer: Embracing the Unexpected

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Are You Open to the Unexpected?

After wrapping up 4 weeks of Small Business: Best Foot Forward, I'd like to bring you a quick story on the power of the unexpected solution from one of our attendees - Matt.

Inspired by stories I shared about my own shoes at the seminar, Matt pulled me aside and told me a story about his own pair of shoes.

The story goes Matt wanted to get out there and start running more, but wasn't sure where to start. He went to an established shoe store and ended up talking with a guy who knows his stuff.

Based on Matt's goals, the shoe store guy sent Matt home with a WOMENS running shoe. That's right - out of all the options - given what Matt needed from a shoe - the right fit was something he would have never picked for himself - a pair of womens running shoes. Turns out they are some of the best running shoes Matt has ever owned and a lesson for him about not having preconceived notions.

What I love about Matt's story is that I see it a lot in my own career and in my work with clients. We all come to the table with preconceived notions of what we "need" and "want." But sometimes, we're not equipped to really know either of those things for sure. That's why we may invest in professionals along the way.

Matt's story is a great reminder of the importance of being open to the possibility that what we think we need or want may not actually be the best solution. We should stay open to the unexpected. We should leave room for the recommendations that could change our lives and our businesses.

I was thinking about this story this week as one of our clients launched their new brand - The Well-Loved Piano Company. With nearly a decade of providing signature piano care, Well-Loved Piano is a family-run business with a heart like no other.

Just 6 months ago, this was a company called Barnes Piano and they didn't even have a logo despite being in business for 13 years. Understandably, there was nervousness and questions around changing the name, followed by challenges on determining what needed to be in the perfect logo. The CEO Tim initially hated the idea of having a piano in it!

One thing that transformed this process from uncertainty to success on all sides was openness: the willingness to trust the creative process and for our clients to trust that the solution may be a womens running shoe - aka something they never would have expected or said they wanted!

The Well-Loved Piano Company - Name and Logo by Greatest Story Creative

And that's exactly where we ended up. A new name and complete new written and visual brand, now brought to life in this website built by their team.

More than that, Tim now has something much bigger than he asked for or expected - solely thanks to being open to the process and the results. He now has a vision for his company to grow into the future.

Here's what Tim had to say after the creative journey -

"I think our new name, logo, and all the words and graphics Annie did for us will give our business a greater shot at success, at the end of the day. Working with Greatest Story fundamentally changed our company.  Annie tore down the house that we had and reworked the foundation. And I think we’re just now realizing the potential of the foundation we now have going forward."

See more of The Well-Loved Piano Company's new brand we created and stories wrote for this project at

What does this mean for you?

Is there something in your business or in your life that you're predicting or trying to control too much? What can you leave open for possibility?

If you're investing in a professional for a project (like a coach, a designer, a brand creator), are you putting faith in the people you're working with and their process to open new doors for you? What might you gain by relaxing a bit and letting someone else help you find the answers?