From our wide range of creative services,
here are a few of our popular Brand Story packages.

Logo / Brand / Web
everything you need

Want to move forward but have no clue where to start? 

Our most thorough brand story packages take care of everything and creatively base it all on the story of you and your business. The right logo, words and visuals, all brought to life in a new, professional and compelling website on Squarespace. Covering everything from business cards to your Facebook cover photo, we create all you need for a confident next chapter.

Already have website plans? We also offer Logo and Brand Story Guide only packages.

Pick the perfect name

Stuck on what to name (or rename) your small business? 

We offer a comprehensive story-led naming research and recommendations process to identify and help you move forward with the perfect name that has appeal for your ideal clients and customers. 

Include this process with a brand story package, or take the first step for your business by doing this as its own project. Also a great step before working with a lawyer to vet names and trademark.

writing only
Find the right words

Love your logo, but struggling to find the right words? 

Keep your brand visuals and let us give you the words to present and talk about your business with confidence.

We can help you have the creative tagline, about story, business positioning, great website writing, social media bios, at-a-glance Brand Voice Guide, and more so you can finally tell your story well.

Enjoy writing as its own project, covering the pieces you need as part of our Brand Voice Guide - a tool to help so you write more easily about your business in the future.

brand photography direction + more
tell more compelling stories

Imagine an amazing content library that shows people the value of what you do! 

As part of our brand story packages or separate projects, we tell your story โ€œin-actionโ€ by producing brand photography and videography in collaboration with talented, local photographers and videographers. 

Whether photo, video, or both, we direct new, dynamic marketing content to invigorate your website and business social media.


We also create collateral and special projects with your brand project, including business cards, letterhead / stationery, menu design, packaging, and more.


Tailored to what your business needs to grow and make the best impression, 
we create custom estimates for our clients.