The Most Underestimated Secret to Success

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Did you know that every day, you get at least one free and powerful opportunity to make your dream happen? You're running into someone, somewhere and this chance is there, waiting for you to seize it. You may be looking right past it and it's likely you're completely underestimating it.

What am I talking about?

You need to tell people the next thing you want to do.

I don't mean what is your current job, or what you’ve done in the past. This isn’t your current business, even. When I say, “You need to tell people the next thing you want to do”

I mean: "Tell people what dream you are currently thinking of pursuing."

Maybe you are thinking of starting a jewelry business on the side.
...or considering writing a book about baseball.
...or you are fascinated by tech startups and are thinking of working at one someday.
...or you’re toying with going back to school to study interior design after doing a home renovation.
Whatever it is - personal, professional, entrepreneurial - it is critical that you take the step to tell other people and resist the urge to keep it a secret.


This idea is so early. I should probably figure it all out first before I tell anyone, so I don’t look like an idiot.

I’m not sure if it’s what I want to do or commit to yet.

What if it’s stupid? 

If any of these reasons sound familiar, you’re not alone. I deal with this too. But I want you to realize that you could be missing major opportunities when others have no idea what you're working on.

Here's why this is so important:

When you tell people about your dream, a magical thing tends to happen - those people begin to help you make that dream a reality.

In my five years in Corporate America/the film industry and 2.5 as an entrepreneur with Greatest Story, I can tell you that this is by far the single easiest and greatest step to success you can practice throughout your career.

This is truly where brand awareness and just awareness in general begins. 

Have you ever thought about what it can unlock when someone in your life is aware of what you’re hoping to do? Maybe they clip an article for you, or they introduce you to a friend that can help. Maybe they make a powerful suggestion you may have never considered. This can happen even and especially with something new and forming in your world.

A platform like Kickstarter is completely built on this very idea. Entrepreneurs often share only the concept or prototype of what they want to do. And that early story can be enough to FUND and LAUNCH the entire product or an entire company, to the tune of thousands or millions of dollars.

Perhaps we know the value of telling people intellectually, but putting it into practice can be intimidating. The barriers are real and big.

So many of us are too scared or intimidated to do it - to simply give voice to what it is we are working on or dreaming about.

And absolutely - some of our concerns do have weight and I would say need to be considered (time and place), especially if there’s a worry or possibility of losing a job over having a side business - for example. I don't mean for this to be blanket advice.

However, if your reasons for keeping your next project or next dream a secret are really more of the following - I’ve got 2 quick stories for you. Are you concerned about?

  • Looking stupid
  • Having a lack of professional experience and/or education in what you’re interested in
  • Wanting to make sure everything is perfect before you get the word out
  • Worrying no one will care and failure will ensue
  • Feeling inadequate, scared, and intimidated to “put yourself out there”

1. Sharing Your Side Business Early

Christina is an account manager at a large ad agency. Personally, she’s always loved paper and has toyed with starting some sort of a side business around paper for over a year.

I’ve been encouraging her to tell people she’s available to do custom gifts with paper (like cards) as a side business to start making it happen. But for quite some time, Christina's felt many of the reasons I mention above and basically just “not ready.”

However, a few weeks ago, she did try this advice. She put up ONE post on her Facebook and Instagram pages to tell people what she was up to and that she was now taking custom orders as a little side business.

What happened? This one post generated tremendous support, tons of comments, and she’s had so much interest in custom projects, the challenge she’s facing now is time management to meet the demand!

She’s experiencing great momentum but remember, nothing has changed about her story or what she can do for others. The only difference is that, with one announcement, people KNOW about it!

Christina taking this step also inspired me to share her story with you, which is another win and opportunity for her new, still in development business. Check her out at @misschristinahubbard.

So, this is a great idea if you're starting a business, like Christina. And this approach can also help you achieve personal or professional goals you have. Here’s an example from me.

2. Telling Someone about a Professional Goal

Just last Thursday, I grabbed coffee with Lee Anne, a new friend I’d met at a networking event in January. During our time of swapping stories, Lee Anne asked me directly what I was working on. I told her one of my next goals is speaking more - whether in-person or doing interviews on things like podcasts - so that my story can reach and help more people.

Within minutes of telling her this, Lee Anne invited me to be on her local radio show, Courage Cocktail today. So, I just got back from doing this 25 minute interview with her - sharing my story and talking a bit about my new free ebook.

(Scroll ahead to 30 minutes in for the interview to hear my part. You can also get your ebook copy right here, if you haven't downloaded "Skip to Action" yet.)

This dream and professional goal happened in less than a week, simply and only by me telling someone about it.

So what can I do?

Whatever it is you are thinking about / dreaming about / considering as your next step, ask yourself - how many people KNOW about these thoughts? Is there an opportunity to tell more people? Whatever fear or hesitation you feel, are you overlooking and underestimating what doing this could mean for you?

Here’s your opportunity to give it a shot right now.

Leave a comment or contact me and tell me,

What is the next thing you want to do?

It’s possible I’ve known you forever and yet it's also possible I have no idea that you’re interested in something I can connect you to. Maybe this is the first newsletter you’ve read and something you're working on could be a great collaboration for us. Or perhaps there’s something personal you need to bounce off of someone and I could point you in a helpful direction.

If I know, I can support you, keep an eye out for you, and maybe even put you to work!

And it all starts here - a quick and simply reply. Take the risk, face the challenge - make sure at least one person knows what it is you’re thinking about.

I promise to write back.