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Visit Coco’s website

Rebrand | Naming through Full Brand Identity with Website

In this project, we renamed and rebranded Coco’s coaching practice from “The Love Lab” to “She’s Ready to Rise." Through our signature Brand Story process, we crafted the message, graphics, and website that invite women into her story clearly and powerfully.

“One of my top 5 decisions ever, including marrying my husband and having our baby, seriously!

Before, I could never put the words to what I did, and it stopped me from marketing my business and putting myself out there. My website didn’t feel like me, and I was driving myself crazy going around in my head, like, ‘what am I trying to say to the world?

Immediately upon working with Annie, my brain relaxed. I gained so much permission to really claim who and what I am… and what brings value to people. Now, I can show up in the world and put myself out there with confidence!

The brand really resonates clients who instantly get the quality and the professionalism of it. And so many people see ME in what I do and say, ‘Oh my god, this is you!’ Today I wonder, why did I suffer for so long? It’s just so worth it on every level and I feel so fortunate."

- Coco Rosenblatt-Farrell

Visit Rick’s website

Rebrand | Full Brand Identity with Website

We worked with Rick to go from being “Rochetti & Associates” to simply “Rick Rocchetti” - a dedicated big picture partner for organizations and businesses. Using the signature Brand Story process, we created his message, graphics, and website that convey the wealth of his 30+ years of experience to leaders across the Southeast.

“Annie exceeded my expectations!

Prior to working with Greatest Story Creative, I was feeling really confused about my brand, logo, and message. From a website and branding perspective I was stuck. Now I have people telling me that my website is clean, professional, inviting, and approachable. I’ve already recommended working with Annie to several people!”

- Rick Rocchetti

Visit Mary’s website

New brand | Naming through Full Brand Identity with Website

We helped Mary launch her independent financial planning practice, going from finding the perfect name to creating a website that warmly sets her apart in her saturated industry. With visuals and a message that assure and welcome clients, Mary’s business is booming thanks to a brand that shares her value with confidence and ease.

“Everyone loves my brand!

Annie included little moments and nuances in her work that have really made my business stand out – and they work! Clients have already commented on everything from my business cards to the logo on my notebook. They always think it looks nice, and I know that it conveys the real me!

Before working with Annie, I had nothing in terms of branding, but I knew it was important. So, when I met Annie and heard her story, I knew she was the right person for what I needed and that she was the best! Annie created a wonderful story for me that I couldn’t do myself.

I knew I had this value that I can add to clients, I just didn't know how I could find the words to share it with people. So if you’re in those shoes – maybe you’re just starting a business and maybe you don’t even have a name, like I didn’t – I recommend contacting Annie! I usually say, ‘What are you doing? Let’s call her right now!”

- Mary Macdonald


And we partner with you to clearly tell your story.

What would it be like to feel clear and confident when you talk about your business?
Find out below with a few words from some of our Brand Voice Guide clients.

Testimonial from Diana M. Needham

My message went from confusing to clear.

Before, I consistently heard ‘I’m still not clear what you do.’ My marketing message was confusing my ideal clients.

Now, after the Brand Story process, it’s really clear and I feel good about it! And Annie was on top of everything: it was all so professionally done and on schedule.

Working with Annie was worth every dollar. She brings a fresh perspective to your business that you can’t see!

- Diana M. Needham, Business Book Partners

NC Copywriting Testimonial

I now have the confidence knowing that the words I use are spot on.

In more than a decade of business, finding the right words has been my struggle for everything… Annie definitely made it very easy to overcome that when she wrote my Brand Voice Guide.

My old version was like ‘yeah, ok, that’s nice.‘ My new version is like ‘Wow, I really need to contact this person.’ ”

- Dajuan Jones, In His Image Photography

Testimonial for NC brand writing

Now we have a brand story that’s easy to carry through everything.

We aren’t writers and we were putting stuff together that didn’t sound right. We didn’t have a cohesive message or design for who we were.

Annie gave us a brand story and design language that we are easily able to carry through to everything – the way we talk at conferences, the way we talk on our website, all of our messaging, and the fresh look of our marketing materials.

She delivers more than you know you need right now, and you don’t know how much you’ll appreciate that (and how bad you needed it) once you get it! It’s the best thing you can do for your business.

- Luke Ehresman, Gazelle

Testimonial for NC business writing

Annie helped me do what I couldn’t do myself.

Annie created a wonderful story for me that I couldn’t do myself.

I knew I had this value that I can add to clients, I just didn't know how I could find the words to share it with people.

- Mary Macdonald, Personal Path Financial Planning

Testimonial for NC brand story writer

I know exactly what to say.

I love my Brand Voice Guide!

Now, I know exactly what to say – whether it’s content for my website or that 30-second intro I have to give at meetings.

- Lisa R. Wells


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