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One of the really impactful things professional branding can do for your business is help you attract and work with more of your favorite clients - not just more clients.

This was a big goal for Crystal Scillitani of LeadingUp Consulting. Crystal and I connected after she saw me do a presentation on branding at one of my signature events. She had just started a consulting practice grounded in her 25+ years of experience in education. Crystal actually didn't have a problem attracting clients, but now that she was partially retired - she wanted to be really intentional about who she worked with. Crystal wanted to be able to pick and choose her projects so she would be profitable and have time to travel with her husband and go on more life adventures.

Though her business was new and very early, when Crystal invested in branding and in the Greatest Story Creative process with me, she was able to get the tools she needed to market her business squarely to those she really wanted to engage with. She emerged into the market with instant credibility thanks to her branding and her expertise. Because she looks and sounds professional and compelling, she's able to charge what she's worth and her clients know it's a worthwhile investment from the moment they see her business card or her website. And that's what great branding can do - it can help you focus on your best clients and showcase your value to them.


I could tell you all about Crystal and Leading Up, but instead, I'll share with you her new logo and tagline, along with the positioning statement I wrote as part of her branding process. This is something you'll find front and center on her website, welcoming you and telling you that if you're a school leader, you've come to the right place.

You want your school to move forward, but what can you do to motivate your students? How can you strengthen yourself as a teacher, principal or district leader so that everyone sees more success?

As a consultant, coach and trainer - I help you solve the challenges that get in the way of student achievement and hold your school back from its fullest potential. Drawing on more than 25 years of experience in North Carolina’s schools, I work with education leaders like you to provide in-depth solutions for impacting students, strengthening teachers and transforming your classrooms from every angle.

With my comprehensive approaches to professional development, workshops, training and consulting – we’ll make valuable improvements and embrace what you’re doing well. As we’ll explore, the path to success isn’t always about fixing problems – it’s also about celebrating your wins along the way.

So from the classroom to district offices, let’s reach your leaders at every level and start taking the next steps to success together. 
Crystal Scillitani, Leading Up Consulting


Crystal's branding project took her through my signature offering of everything from your logo and tagline, to your marketing copy, to your business cards and website. With her tagline of "Solutions for School Leaders at Every Level" - we built a clear message that draws in her ideal audience - all the way to die-cut business cards with actual levels to them!

Now, wherever you encounter Crystal and her business - you're going to get a consistent, compelling story about the value she can bring to schools, teachers, and others.


The impact of branding with intention.

A few words from Crystal about the impact the branding process has had thus far,

"Branding was probably one of the biggest things that became important to me as I went on LinkedIn and started reading articles and connecting with people on there. Just to try to find out, what do I do next, how do I get my name out there? I think in my mind I knew I needed a website, I knew I needed these different components, but I was just kind of grasping at straws. And business wise, it was just continuing to work with people that were already in my network. 

But the difficulty there was, while they trusted me, a lot of them had to go through their boss or someone higher than them in their organization to get approval. And I didn’t have something, like I didn’t have a link where I could say, “hey, send them to my website” that really explained who I am and what I do. It was a leap of faith on their end and I knew that would continue. 

There were things I envisioned having on my website, and Annie was really able to make it so much more personal and really tell a story. Her questionnaire really helped me to understand and be able to communicate my “why” behind the business. Annie really helped me to unwrap the layers to get to the center and core of what I aspire to do.

And everyone seems to love my new brand and website! They all say, 'it’s so you' when I’ve shared it on Facebook and LinkedIn. People who have worked with me, especially, say this just gets to the core of who you are and my experience in working with you as a teacher. And it’s so nice now, with my Brand Story Guide, to be able to easily create marketing pieces with my colors, fonts and more that feel like me and the value I provide through my work. It’s awesome to have everything look so clean and nice!

I truly wish I could do Annie's work justice in a review. She is simply amazing and I could not be more thrilled with the outcome in working with her. The process was easy, enjoyable, and inspiring. The outcome was better than anything I expected."

Learn more about Crystal's story and Leading Up Consulting via her website at

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